Season 3 Episode 9

Bird is the Word

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

Becky comes home with her school group picture, and proudly shows it to the family. As Dan and Roseanne are looking at it, they start to laugh at all of the kids that are slyly "flipping the bird". Jackie joins the discussion, and starts to point out the kids as well. All of a sudden, all eyes turn to Becky, as they notice that she is one of those kids.

Dan and Roseanne are shocked, this isn't like Becky at all. Darlene is proud, and can't wait to tell all of her friends. The phone rings, and it's Becky's school principal. He needs to see Roseanne in his office, Becky has been suspended. Roseanne is not pleased, and lets Becky know.

As Roseanne is waiting in the office, she runs into an old friend from her high school days, Anne Marie. Her kid was also flipping the bird in the picture. They chat about the good old days, until they are called into speak with the principal.

Once inside, the principal basically belittles the way that these kids are raised, and makes a point to let these ladies know they aren't doing a good job. Roseanne defends her daughter, calling it a silly prank, but that's all it is, not a reflection of bad parenting. The principal suspends all of the kids involved, and Roseanne leaves, feeling low.

Becky is grounded at home, and she has to help out around the house while she is suspended. That includes helping Dan change the oil in the car. Upon further review of the class picture with a magnifying glass, D.J. discovers that Becky was not one of the kids involved. When asked why she would admit to doing something that she didn't do, she explained. Before the picture, she was ordinary Becky Conner, but afterwards, she was notorius. People knew who she was, and were actually taking notice of her in the halls.

Roseanne went back down to the principals office, with her magnifying glass, and showed the picture to him once more. The punishment was removed.