Season 2 Episode 10

Brain-Dead Poets Society

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 1989 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • This is the first indication that Darlene has a knack for writing.

    • In the final scene, Darlene's class orchestra plays Pachelbel's Canon in D, terribly out of tune.

    • When Roseanne starts to serve the plates of food at dinner, she hands Dan the first plate but DJ already has one. When she serves the second plate of food and gives it to Darlene, a plate of food can be seen in front of Becky.

  • Quotes

    • Darlene: Hey Melvin, do you want to get some punch?
      Melvin: Sure!
      Darlene: Go ahead!

    • Roseanne: (to Crystal who's been passing out things from her company, Cindy Lou Cosmetics) Whad'ya bring me?
      Crystal: bath beads, made with real milk
      Roseanne: Well great, then when I'm soaking and I get hungry, I'll just add some Cheerios.

    • (After Crystal brings over eye shadow that Becky ordered from the company she works for, Cindy Lou Cosmetics, she says she has something for Dan)
      Dan: Ya know Crystal, I rarely wear eye shadow anymore. The boys on the job site give me such guff about it.

    • Darlene: Well, you were a nerd.
      Roseanne: I was not a nerd.
      Darlene: Dad said you were a nerd in school.
      Roseanne: Well consider the source.

    • Roseanne: Darlene, set the table.
      D.J.: I'll do it.
      Darlene: Go ahead Mr. Suck Up. Nobody buys your goody goody act.
      D.J.: (sliding under Roseanne's arm) Mommy buys it.

    • Roseanne: Look, no matter what we do we're gonna screw our kids up! You let me mess up Darlene and you can have Becky.
      Dan: What about DJ?
      Roseanne: We'll flip for him.

    • Roseanne: Use the phone in the bedroom. I'm talking to your dad.
      Becky: I don't need to use the phone.
      Dan: Oh! Let me get that on tape!

    • Darlene: To Whom It Concerns:
      Darlene's work will be late, it fell on her pancakes and stuck to her plate.
      To Whom It Concerns: My mom made me WRITE this, but I'm just a kid, so how could I fight this?
      To Whom It Concerns: I lost my assignment, maybe I'll get lucky, solitary confinement
      To Whom It Concerns: Darlene's great with the ball, but guys don't watch tomboys when they're cruising the hall
      To Whom It Concerns: I just turned thirteen, too short to be quarterback, too plain to be queen
      To Whom It Concerns: I am not made of steel, when I get blindsided, my pain is quite real
      I don't mean to squak, but it really burns
      I just thought I'd mention it:
      To Whom It Concerns.

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