Season 9 Episode 1

Call Waiting

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 1996 on ABC

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  • Jumping the Shark...why Roseanne?

    Ok, Roseanne was a great, funny comedy and realistic untill this season and episode. This ruined the fun and jumped the shark. Roseanne won the lottery ruining the continuity of the show, and making the realism of the shows average family into something more. Also 2 words \"Sarah Chalke\" as Becky. Her becky is like a stupid blonde sterotype for Becky. Roseanne winning the lottery was the reason why this show jumped the shark. Sure id like to see a reunuion show of what there characters are doing now, but this still was a horrible move for roseanne, do you agree?
  • A very, truly awesome episode! One of the best of the ninth season.

    I thought that after i watched this episode the first time that i would definitely count this episode in my "Top Five Favorite Episodes of the Ninth Season." I also thought it was a series classic because NOTHING can separate Dan and Roseanne. When i was watching it, i had a feeling that Roseanne would decide that she should go and talk to Dan; to straighten their relationship up. And, like every Roseanne episode, there was a little humor in it, because if there was not even a little humor in an episode it would not count as a Roseanne episode! lol
  • Roseanne is guided through the fight of the century by her favorite TV shows.

    After the biggest fight of her life in season 8, Roseanne is living at Jackie's house refusing to take any calls from Dan. Roseanne watches old sitcom favorites, Mary Tyler Moore, That Girland I Dream of Jeannie, whcih portray Roseanne and Dan quite hilariously. The 2 of them make up and Jackie, at the end, goes nuts that they've won the freakin' lottery! A good episode, but sad because it opens the show's remarkably fantastic final season. So, I give this episode a good rating. I don't care what anybody else says. Also, Roseanne as Jeannie! That was totally awesome, man!
  • Dan and Roseanne fight which leads Roseanne at Jackie\'s. Roseanne imagines herself in a few sitcoms with Dan and finally goes to appologize. Nothing very pivotal until the end of this episode...

    Part of me enjoys this episode because its the defining moment when the whole show changed. I kinda liked when everything changed, making them rich, added a whole new flare to it. But at the same time, it left their foundation of being the blue collar family scrapping by in America.

    This show\'s only flaw is that during the episode, they called too much attention to the lottery ticket. Roseanne\'s mom made a big fuss about it when she used it as a coaster (that was fine), but when Roseanne left she told Jackie to make sure she watch the lottery, kinda gave it away. I think they should have just showed them buying the ticket, used it as a coaster, then won, but i don\'t know.
  • This episode should be remembered as the one before everything "really" changes.

    Call Waiting is one of the last classic episodes of Roseanne. At the end of this episode, the Connors win the lottery and thus ends their run as a true blue collar family. This is Roseanne at her quirkiest and most creative. For an episode based in fantasy, it is a very realistic one. While previously, most of Dan and Roseanne's problems centered on the kids, theor marriage is now the hot topic. After Dan's tragic heart attack, Dan and Roseanne just can't see eye to eye and Roseanne begins to see herself as the many t.v. godesses she worships. In the end she realizes that she must be thankful for what she has and the couple is reconciled. This episode should be remembered as the one before everything "really" changes. Still it's not one of the greatest Roseanne episodes.