Season 8 Episode 16

Construction Junction

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Dan is finally at a level of comfort at his garage job with the city. He is able to sit back, and call the shots, for a decent wage.Chuck and Bob, Dan's business partners in the construction world, show up at the Conne's house with a proposition for bigger and better things for all of them.
Meanwhile, Jackie is being set up on the internet by David. She is giddy with anticipation, but has no clue as tyo how to use it. David leaves a pile of literature there, and gives her a boost of confidence, as he heads on out. Jackie heads out into the world of the internet, and is enthralled.
Dan turned his buddies down, when they approached him with the news of a new prison that is being built right outside of town. Chuck and Bob would love Dan to throw his bid into the ring, to see if they could get the job. It would be full time, hugh paying work for the three of them, that would get them out of debt. After they left, Dan started to mull over his decision, wondering if he had made the right choice, or just the safe choice.
David goes back to check on Jackie's progress on the internet, and she is hooked. Her eyes are glazed over, and she is staring at the screen. David can't get her to look away, and he walks over to "pull the plug" She screams "Not Now, Man, are you crazy?" David pulls the plug. Jackie seems to start to slowly come out of her computer mania. She gthers Andy, and heads for a shower...after she can stretch out and walk again.
Dan can't sleep, so he starts to talk to Roseanne about the job that he turned away from. He thinks that he might've made the wrong decision by not even placing a bid. After bouncing the idea around with Rosie, he decides to go for it. The bid is mailed out first thing the next morning, and fingers are crossed.
After the big brown envelope arrives at the Conner house, the men gather and wait for Roseanne to open it. She rips it open , and after a joke about not being able to get the song Afternoon Delight out of her head, tells the guys the deal. The bid that they had placed was accepted. Dan starts to pat himself on the back, saying that he was the reason that the job was theirs. Everyone agreed that It was indeed Dan's solid reputation in the business world that sealed the deal. After a few minutes of celebration dies down, the men read the end of the acceptance letter, which states that their decision was partly based on the fact that a minority was involved in the business. Chuck is giddy, as he says that it finally paid off for him, to be a black man.