Season 4 Episode 4

Darlene Fades to Black

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

Roseanne and Dan are worried about an increasingly depressed Darlene. She has withdrawn from all of her social activities, including her spot on the school basketball team.

Each parent confronts her, and tries to figure out what happened to her, to cause her so much sadness. Both parents are turned away, with no excuse.

Becky is busy trying to convince her parents to let her have a moped that Dan took in at the shop. She is using every angle possible, to no avail. Dan takes the position that bikes are unsafe for female riders. Becky believes that the point he made, will change Roseanne's opinion on her getting the bike. At the dinner table, the tension is heavy in the air, and no one is speking when Jackie arrives. She immediately launches into a story about her day at trucking school. She had been challenged by the instrucot to sit in the cab of a semi alone, for three hours with no conversation at all. The room remains dead silent. Jackie thinks that they are just kidding with her, until Roseanne explains the arguement over the bike.

The following day, Roseanne asks Darlene to get off of the couch, and go do something. Darlene insists that she has nothing to do, so Roseanne hands her a charge card, and tells her to go get some school clothes. Becky was dumbfounded, and said that maybe if she just sits around the house all day, doing nothing, that she might be rewarded as well.

Darlene shops, and buys only black clothes. Becky is still on her crusade to get the bike, and feigns being depressed, to an unimpressed Dan.

The day ends with Darlene once again laying on the couch, in a trance. Dan checks to see if she is still breathing, and walks off.
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