Season 4 Episode 4

Darlene Fades to Black

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1991 on ABC

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  • I don't blame Darlene

    I hate high school, so much! Sometimes, and I repeat SOMETIMES, some people can be: fake, selfish and conceited. All kids care about nowadays are their stupid reputation and they get easily depressed because of their everyday lives. Here are some differences:

    Fake People- worry about their reputation, whine about little things, and never honest.

    Real People- don't care about what's going on and they don't give a crap about little problems.

    So there you have it.
  • Iconic

    This episode solidified the fact that Darlene Conner was (and still is) the most realistic portrayal of a teenager ever seen on television. And unlike virtually every other sitcom at the time, the problem was not solved at the end of the episode. Favorite line.... Darlene tells her mom what the deal is: "It's school, it's my friends, it's the way I look. It's you, it's dad, it's everything."
  • Darlene Gets depressed and turns to black.

    well Darlene fades to black is a amazing episode, very realistic how a teenager heads for high school and gets depressed and wants to wear only black. She begs to be left alone and Roseanne and Dan try there hardest to do so. Its a very good story line how she just wants to lie down on the couch all weekend and do absolutly nothing. Its good when Darlene goes to the mall and buys a bag full of black clothes and a black hat. So Darlene locks herself in her room and does nothing and when she does come out its just to watch t.v - a excellent episode!
  • Darleen gets depressed entering High School.

    Darleen gets depressed after her first week of high school. She realises that she dosnt fit in with her old friends from Middle School, and she thinks there is nobody there for her. She gets into a depressed state, only wearing black. Her "gothic" appearence was just a cover, a way to try to get more attention than she got at home or at school.