Season 4 Episode 4

Darlene Fades to Black

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1991 on ABC



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    • Roseanne: What are you going to do this weekend?
      Darlene: Nothing.
      Roseanne: But that's what you did last weekend.
      Darlene: Yeah, well I'm not finished.

    • Darlene: (On the phone with her friend) Hello?...Oh,, bye. (Hangs up)
      Roseanne: Gee, Darlene, I wish you could open up to me like that.

    • (At the dinner table, Dan gets mad at Darlene after finding out she quit the basketball team)
      Dan: Fine, Darlene! If you wanna be a quitter, be a quitter, I quit! (Storms off)
      Roseanne: Quitter!
      (Everyone is silent)
      Jackie: You know, I thought that was a really good point-
      Roseanne: (Interrupts) Shut up, Jackie!

    • (Roseanne puts a burnt meat loaf on the kitchen table)
      Becky: Ugh, Mom, what did you do to the meat loaf?
      Roseanne: (In a shrill voice) Well I guess I burned it, didn't I?
      D.J.: I want peanut butter and jelly!
      Roseanne: No, this ain't a restaurant. You eat whatever I give you.
      (Everyone picks at the meat loaf in disgust)
      Roseanne: I want peanut butter and jelly!

    • (At the dinner table)
      Jackie: Becky, are you going to run for student council again this year?
      Becky: (In a sarcastic tone) Oh no, I have to get a job. Sure, student council would help me get into college, but hey, who needs a future?

    • Roseanne: At least when you had basketball...
      Darlene: Again with basketball. (gets up to leave)
      Roseanne: Get back here, I'm not telling you to play basketball, I think it's the stupidest sport in the world and I spent all 4 years of high school pretending I had cramps so I didn't have to play.

    • Becky: I'm sorry you had to have that fight with Dad.
      Roseanne: It's allright, I won.
      Becky: Great, so I should probably wait a couple of days to get the scooter, you know, let it sink in.
      Roseanne: You're not getting the bike.
      Becky: Why not?
      Roseanne: Because it's dangerous!
      Becky: Oh yeah right for a girl, if DJ was 17, you'd let him have it, right?
      Becky: No I wouldn't, but I'd let Darlene, so figure that one out.

    • Roseanne: (Answers phone) Hello? Yeah, - Darlene, it's for you.
      Darlene: (Couch potato) Who is it?
      Roseanne: (To caller) Who is it? (To Darlene) Marcie.
      Darlene: What does she want?
      Roseanne: I dunno what she -
      (Drops the receiver on the floor) She wants you to pick up the phone!

    • Roseanne: You know, you're right Becky. You should just forget about the stupid job, cuz you know what? Your father and I have decided that we are just gonna get you your very own convertible.
      Becky: Really?!
      Roseanne: Yes, and you are gonna be able to drive it up to your delux four bedroom condo, overlooking beautiful lake NOT!!

    • (After talking about sexist stuff with Dan)
      Roseanne: You just lay around on the couch and do nothin'.
      Darlene: And I do it just as well as any man.

    • Roseanne: What are you going to do this weekend?
      Darlene: Nothing.
      Roseanne: Isn't that what you did last weekend?
      Darlene: I'm not finished.

    • Roseanne: (to Dan) Oh, so Darlene is the jock and Becky the brain?
      DJ: What am I?
      Roseanne: We don't know yet.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Roseanne says to Dan "Darlene is the Jock, and Becky is the Brain," she alludes to character names in the movie The Breakfast Club, where five students spend Saturday detention in the library and get to know each other.

    • After Darlene goes shopping with Roseanne's credit card, she goes to the restaurant to return it. Roseanne looks at the clothes that she bought, and asks if she picked up Zorro's bag on accident. An allusion to the masked man in black.

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