Season 1 Episode 22

Dear Mom and Dad

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Conners are playing a family game of Poker, when the doorbell rings. Surprise! It is Al and Bev, Roseanne's parents, dropping in for a visit.

Dan and Roseanne are making a grocery list when Bev walks in and sits down. Dan finishes up the list and runs out. As soon as they are alone, Bev starts in on the way that Jackie lives her life. Jackie walks in, and Bev quickly changes the subject. Roseanne tells Jackie that Bev was just talking about her, and leaves the kitchen so that they can talk about her. Bev tells Jackie that her father thinks that Roseanne is "so tired," and that Al would have died before he let her go to work. Tired of hearing about the jerks that Jackie dates and the way that Roseanne keeps her house, they decide to confront her.

Jackie unleashes on her mother, telling her to address the problems that she has with them to their faces. When she turns to Roseanne for support, Roseanne backs off. When the sleeping arrangements turn into a major confusion, Bev announces that they are moving to Lanford.

Roseanne is awake worried about it at four o'clock in the morning, and Dan is irritable because he can't sleep on the cots they are on. Just as they agree to get a few hours of sleep, Al wakes up and Bev follows, to make him breakfast. Frustrated, Dan gets up, forgetting sleep.

Roseanne and Jackie take refuge in the bathroom, as Dan is falling asleep at the kitchen table with Roseanne's parents. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Jackie and Roseanne discuss why Roseanne turns into a robot every time their parents come to town. Instead of yelling at her parents, she yells at Jackie, and Dan walks in to join the fun. Now the whole house is in an uproar, except for Bev and Al.

After Roseanne explodes, and tells her parents that if they move to Lanford, they will have to move on the other side of town, her parents are puzzled. They had no intention of moving, it was just talk, in fact, they are leaving that morning.

Everyone is relieved, and Roseanne even says that she misses them, asking Dan to 'pull her finger', one of Al's favorite jokes. The episode ends with Bruce Willis jumping into bed with Dan and Roseanne.
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