Season 8 Episode 11

December Bride

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 1995 on ABC
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December Bride
Scott and Leon are getting married, but are having problems pulling a ceremony together, so Roseanne volunteers to plan their wedding for them, for free. What started out as small and tasteful, ended up being a Circus side-show, which Leon detests. After trying to escape through a bathroom window, Roseanne barges in to save the day.moreless

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  • I liked this episode better upon additional viewings than the first time I saw it. Obvious problems with this episode.

    We are introduced to Scott in the same episode Leon and him get married. We are unaware he is an important person in Leon's life. We are unaware until this episode that Leon is getting married. Albeit, this is explained as Leon just didn't want to tell Roseanne he was getting married. This explanation is far too unsatisfying and not "Roseannesque" as we have come to know and love from this show. Also, in my opinion I don't think Scott and Leon are good for each other. I like Scott, and I like how him and Roseanne get along together, but, in my opinion, after Leon and Scott get married I think is where Leon's character changes. Leon goes from being a dry-witty intelligent business savvy man to an outlandish stereotype of what a gay person is supposed to be like and act like. This completely detracts from Leon's character. Also, I think Scott's character overshadows the original Leon. Even Leon kissing Roseanne in this first episode that Scott is in seems to already be completely overshadowed. If the show is running well, a new "co-character" wouldn't overshadow a main character of the cast. Alternatively, I liked seeing Nancy in this episode.

    That being said, although this episode wasn't of superb nature as it could have been (perhaps a tasteful wedding showing two homosexual people getting married showcasing to the audience that there is nothing wrong with homosexuals getting married, at the least giving viewers a better understanding and a movement toward being more open-minded), the alternate route the show took, an over-the-top stream of stereotypes, was not as bad and more humorous than I remember. All done with no intended disrespect to homosexuals.moreless
  • Leo and Scott get married...with Roseanne being the wedding planner.

    This was a funny episode if only for all the gay stereotypes. Other than that I find it interesting that Scott wasn't really ever brought up before this episode and that we never knew that much about his past.

    This is an episode that is completely out the story telliing arch along with almost all of the shows from this season. Unfortunately this show has jumped the shark leaving viewers to wonder what happened.

    While looking very carefully there isn't much going on in this episode. Roseanne meets Scott unintentionally at the diner. They mesh Roseanne plans the wedding, makes a mockery of the whole occasion. in the end Leon and Scott do get married. Everything for the most part went according to the sitcom textbook. A nice cameo by Milton Berle at the end.moreless
June Lockhart

June Lockhart

Leon's mother

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Norm Crosby

Reverend Crosley

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Allan Stephan


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Johnny Galecki

David Healy

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • At the end of their vows, Scott and Leon kiss, leaving Dan in awe. Roseanne tells him that there is nothing wrong with two people of the same sex kissing, right then, Mariel Hemmingway bends down and says hi to Roseanne, and sits down behind her. She is the Girlfriend of Nancy's that kissed Roseanne at the gay night cub.

    • The buttons on Scott's coat seem to button and un-botton themselves shot to shot.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • (Leon's scared about getting married
      Leon: Scott says he's not himself in the morning until he has a Pop-tart. What if they stop making Pop-tarts?
      Roseanne: Leon listen to me! THEY WILL NEVER STOP MAKING POP-TARTS!!

    • Roseanne: (about Leon) Ya know, you could do so much better. I mean it. Even in a small town like this one, he is at the bottom of the homosexual heap.
      Scott: Well, that sounds like fun!

    • Roseanne: (trying to convince Leon to consider her for his wedding planner) Come on, Leon, I'll do it for free, and I have not said those words since my own wedding night.

    • Scott: But, just think, with the money we save on the wedding planner, we can afford that honeymoon trip in the Bahamas we've always wanted.
      Leon: Well, Scott, I was thinking we were going to Greece, myself.
      Scott: You can Greece yourself in the Bahamas!

    • Scott (to Leon about their honeymoon) Just think, this time, next week, we could be snorkeling in the nude!
      Roseanne: Snorkeling, huh? Well, I guess you learn a new word for it everyday!

    • DJ: (looking at a pamphlet advertising male strippers) Oh, wow! Cool!
      Dan: (cringing and using a small voice) Cool? Why would you look at those pictures and say "cool"?
      DJ: Cuz this one's my math teacher!

    • Leon: (angrily about his impending gay marriage) It's off!
      Roseanne: What do you mean?
      Leon: I said, the wedding is off!
      Roseanne: Well, of course it's a little off– it's two guys, for God's sake!

    • Roseanne: (slapping Leon in the face) What's the matter with you, Leon?! I mean, geez, next to your hair-plugs, Scott is the best thing that's ever happened to you.
      Leon: Well, right, but unlike hair-plugs, marriage is permanent!

    • (In an effort to prove to Roseanne he might not be gay, he plants a huge, toe-curling kiss on her)
      Leon (pause): Okay... I'm gay, let's go.

    • Leon: (sarcastically to Scott) Of course. We'll have Roseanne plan our wedding. You know, I've always dreamed of a ceremony that would culminate in a hog fry.
      Roseanne: Hog fry?! What? Is the governor coming?!

    • Scott: So, this is Roseanne... Prove it, do that thing where you spew bile and scare children!
      Roseanne: Oh, I only do that at the Christmas party.

    • Scott: (sitting at the Lunch Box counter) We were suppose to get married five years ago, but I got left at the altar. I just don't wanna have it happen, again.
      Roseanne: What kind of horrible bitch would dump you?
      Leon: (entering the restaurant) Scott!
      Scott: (taking Leon's hands in his) Hi, Honey!

    • Roseanne: (to Dan and Nancy) Now, you guys have to stall the guests and keep them entertained so I can go in the bathroom and talk to Leon. Now, if you hear any screaming, just tell everybody that Yoko Ono is warming up.

    • Leon:Roseanne, what is all this?!?
      Roseanne: It's a gay wedding!
      Leon: This isn't a wedding, it's a circus! You have somehow managed to take every gay stereotype and roll them up into one gigantic, offensive, Rosanniacle ball of wrong!

    • Leon's mother: Oh, Roseanne, uh, Leon's told me a great deal about you, but, uh, the Polaroids didn't quite prepare me.
      Roseanne: How wonderful it is that you were able to get that house off of you in time for the wedding.

    • Leon: (experiencing 'cold feet') Okay. Then, how about this? Hmm? Ready? What if I'm not even really gay?
      Roseanne: You couldn't be any gayer if your name was Gay Gayerson.
      Leon: Oh, yeah, you just think about it, young lady, hmm? I hate to shop. Ha! I am absolutely insensitive. I detest Barbra Streisand, and, for God's sake, I'm a Republican!
      Roseanne: But, do you like having sex with men?
      Leon: Well, eh...
      Roseanne: GAY!!!!!!!!!

    • Leon: You love me, right?
      Scott: I love you in a way that's mystical, eternal and illegal in 20 states.
      Leon: That's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Comedian and guest star Norm Crosby's character's name, Reverend Crosley, and the distinctive delivery of his lines is an allusion to Crosby's own name and the use of malapropisms he is famous for in his own stand-up comedy routines.

    • Roseanne: (helping Scott with his wedding plans) And, I don't think you'd find anything good to wear at that tuxedo shop over on Main Street, either, uh, unless you're one of the Commodores.

      Roseanne is making an allusion to the 1970s and 1980's funk/soul band, the Commodores, famous for such songs as "Easy," "Three Times a Lady," and "Brick House," who typically wore distinctive, tailored, wide-lapel ensembles layering big-collared shirts purposely left unbuttoned nearly halfway to the waist and accented with gold chains adorning their necks.

    • Leon: (looking at his wedding cake topper) What?! What is this?!
      Roseanne: Oh. Well, they didn't have anything with two grooms, see? So, we broke off the bride, and then, we replaced it with, uh, one of the action heroes from Pocahontas.

      Roseanne is making an allusion to the promotional plastic figurine toys manufactured by Disney made available for purchase to coincide with the release of its 1995 full-length animated film, Pocahontas, in particular, the blonde, svelte, Captain John Smith character.

    • Roseanne: (to Leon) Now, look, I need a picture of you for the newspaper, and NOT that retouched one where you look like Joan Van Ark.

      Roseanne is making an allusion to the stunning, blonde actress, Joan Van Ark, best known for her role as Valene Ewing on the Prime time 1970's soap opera, Dallas and, subsequently, on it's long-running spin-off, Knott's Landing.

    • Leon's mother: Oh, Roseanne, uh, Leon's told me a great deal about you, but, uh, the Polaroids didn't quite prepare me.
      Roseanne: How wonderful it is that you were able to get that house off of you in time for the wedding.

      Roseanne is making an allusion to the ruby-slippered Wicked Witch of the East who is killed when Dorothy's house falls on her in the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz.

    • Roseanne: (to Dan and Nancy) Now, you guys have to stall the guests and keep them entertained so I can go in the bathroom and talk to Leon. Now, if you hear any screaming, just tell everybody that Yoko Ono is warming up.

      Roseanne is making an allusion to Japanese artist, musician and widow of The Beatles' John Lennon, who she collaborated on many albums with, beginning in 1968, when Lennon was still a Beatle. Ono's contributed backing vocals compared to irritating screaming and were ill-received by the listening audience, gaining her the reputation as the most despised woman in music at the time.

    • The title of this episode alludes to director Frederick DeCordova's TV comedy series, "December Bride", which aired from 1954 to 1959. It centered around the life of widow, Lily Ruskin, and her children's attempts to pair her up with suitable bachelors. This CBS sitcom is mostly remembered today for featuring neighbor Harry Morgan as Pete Porter, who complained constantly about his unseen wife, Gladys.