Season 3 Episode 11

Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

As Becky & Darlene come home late, breaking curfew AGAIN, Dan surprises Roseanne with flowers, and plans for a romantic evening. They are to celebrate the anniversary of their "first time" by recreating the night. When the big night arrives the girls are off restriction and on their way back "out". Roseanne & Dan give them a stern warning to be home before curfew this time... or else.

While the Conners enjoy their date night, they realize it's getting late, and instead of calling home to check in, decide to teach the girls a lesson. They enlist Jackies help to go to the house and ensure that the girls worry. Once again, the girls are late, Darlene arrives first, ready to give an excuse, when Jackie reassures her that it's only her at home. Becky follows, a few minutes later, limping in the front door, wrenched in pain. Darlene tells her not to bother theyre not home. Becky quickly stands upright, and says "cool". Jackie doesnt disappoint, with an Oscar winning performance. She paces back & forth, looking out the window, muttering to herself. The girls begin to doubt Jackies over acting, and start to wonder why she's there doing laundry on a weekend night.

Eventually the plan backfires as the girls catch on to their parents' plan and decide to get one over on Jackie instead. Becky announces that she's worried, and is going to call the police, calling Jackies bluff. They go all out will "concern" and come to the conclusion that their parents must be dead. While bursting into a rendition of "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" from "Little Orphan Annie", Jackie catches on that the girls know the deal .They ultimately end up grounded once again.