Season 3 Episode 11

Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 1990 on ABC



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Dan: (Deciding to go play in the bathtub) Okay, but this time I get to be Captain Nemo.
      Roseanne: (walking into the bathroom naked with Dan) Wow, that tub sure got a lot smaller.

    • (Becky walks in faking a leg injury for an excuse for why she is late again)
      Becky: Oh, ow! ow!
      Darlene: They're not home yet.
      Becky: Oh, cool.

    • Jackie: Think of curfew as your mom and dad's way of saying I love you.
      Becky: I curfew Darlene!
      Darlene: Well, I curfew you too Beck.

    • Becky: That's it! I'm calling the police.
      Jackie: No, no, no! We can't do that.
      Becky: Why not?
      Jackie: Well, we'd have to say it was a missing person thing, and they don't like that.

    • (Darlene and Becky broke curfew)
      Becky: It's only 10 'o clock.
      Dan: It means you're an hour late.
      Roseanne: And you're always an hour late.
      Darlene: Well then, we're on time!

    • (Roseanne has gotten a flower delivery)
      Roseanne: Did you send me flowers, Dan?
      Dan: No, why would I do that?
      Roseanne: Yeah, like you'd ever be romantic enough to do something like that for no reason. (reads the card) "Dear Roseanne, I lied, they're from me, Love Dan."

    • (After Becky and Darlene are late for curfew, again)
      Roseanne: We have this really crazy idea that you actually listen when we speak, so when you're not home by nine, we figure you've got a reason, and if we're not hearing that reason from you, we just sit here and make up our own reasons, like that you're lying in a ditch somewhere.
      Becky: Well, we would have called, but there was no phone in the ditch we were lying in.

    • Roseanne: (to Dan) You said you'd make me the happiest girl in the whole USA.
      DJ: Mom, the toilet's broken!
      Roseanne: (to Dan) Liar.

    • Roseanne: You took extra cheese!
      Dan: I did not, it fell off my piece so I put it back on.
      Roseanne: You took it off the other piece.
      Dan: Well you can have that piece.
      Roseanne: I don't want that piece.

    • Becky: Even Mom and Dad can't eat dinner for four hours!

  • Notes

    • This episode scored 28.5 million viewers and ranked #4 in the ratings for the week it origonally aired.

  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode is an allusion to "Parents, it's 10:00PM. Do you know where your children are?", a public service announcement regarding curfew made on local television stations back in the 70's and 80's.

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