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    Here's a copy of the Editor's Blog I just posted...

    There has been a lot of confusion as to how the cast should be credited here in the guide.  In an effort to create consistency, I've come up with guidelines for submitting cast.  I've discussed my reasoning for doing so with a few of you and I will explain as much as I can here, however; I want to make it clear that this posting reflects my final decision on how the credits should be done.  PM'ing me to argue why you think it should be different will be a complete waste of time.  We all have very strong ideas and opinions and I greatly appreciate all of your input.  Please remember that submitting here is supposed to be fun.  I'm sure that most of you will agree that drama, and arguing, are not.  This guide means more to me than many of you can understand and I'd like to keep it positive.  Thank you for respecting that!

    There are also a few users (including myself) working on changing/updating the credits to reflect the guidelines outlined below.  Because this is such tedious work, I would welcome anyone else who would like to help, however; in an effort to avoid duplicate subs, please PM me first to find out where we've left off.  I'd hate to have to reject a bunch of subs because one person was already making the same fixes!!!

    Ok, so here we go...  Under "Stars," only the following actors/characters should be listed:


    John Goodman - Dan Conner

    Laurie Metcalf - Jackie Harris

    Sara Gilbert - Darlene Conner Healy

    Roseanne - Roseanne Conner

    Lecy Goranson - Rebecca "Becky" Conner Healy

    Michael Fishman - David Jacob "D.J." Conner

    Sarah Chalke - Rebecca "Becky" Conner Healy

    As you will see, I've removed "Harris" from Roseanne's character name since she never appeared as "Harris" on the show.  The Becky's also only list character names.  The years and specific episode numbers in which each actress playing Becky appeared can be determined by viewing the guide at the episode level.  The "Credits" portion of the guide is for listing actors/actresses names with the character name and that's what we're going to do.


    The available menu of stars/characters currently appearing in the "Recurring Role" section is tricky and currently misleading.  IF a star/character is available in this section AND is credited as listed above then you should use the available selection.  If however, the star/character is not available, or is incomplete (no last name), you will need to add them as a "Guest Star."  Once all the corrections are made, the system should automatically correct the selection menu in the "Recurring Role" section.  A star/character is considered as a "Recurring Role" after 5 or more appearances.  Stars/Characters should appear on the "Recurring Role" section as follows:

    Natalie West - Crystal Anderson Conner

    Ron Perkins - Pete Wilkins

    Anne Faulkner - Sylvia Foster

    Evelina Fernandez - Juanita Herrera

    Adilah Barnes - Anne-Marie Mitchell

    Bonnie Sheridan - Bonnie Watkins

    Cole Roberts - Jerry Garcia Conner

    Danielle Harris - Molly Tilden

    Estelle Parsons - Beverly "Bev" Harris

    Fred Willard - Scott

    George Clooney - Booker Brooks

    Glenn Quinn - Mark Healy

    James Pickens Jr. - Chuck Mitchell

    John McConnell - Bob

    Johnny Galecki - David Healy

    Kristopher Kent Hill - Lonnie Anderson

    Mara Hobel - Charlotte Tilden

    Martin Mull - Leon Carp

    Matt Roth - Fisher

    Michael O'Keefe - Fred

    Ned Beatty - Ed Conner

    Sandra Bernhard - Nancy Bartlett Thomas

    Shelly Winters - Nana Mary

    Wings Hauser - Ty Tilden

    Traci Lords - Stacy Flagler

    If one of these stars/characters is in the "Recurring Role" section under any other name/format/spelling - DO NOT USE IT!


    Please be careful when adding guest stars.  Make sure you are using the correct actor and that there are no duplicate guides.  Make sure the character name is complete and spelled correctly.  If there is even one typo/misspelling anywhere in the guide, it will affect the "Recurring Role" list.  Some of the more common guest stars should be reflected as follows:

    Garret Hazen - Andy

    Kent Hazen - Andy

    Meagan Fay - Kathy Bowman

    Danton Stone - Jerry Bowman

    Brian Kerwin - Gary Hall

    Jared Rushton - Chip Lang

    Andrea Walters - Bonnie Lang

    Troy Davidson - Todd Bowman

    Josh C. Williams - Lonnie Anderson

    John Randolph - Al Harris

    Sally Kirkland - Barbra Healy

    Robert Harper - Edgar Lang

    Stephen Dorff - Jimmy Meltrigger


    For the most part, all characters have last names and they should be utilized in the credits.  Characters like Fisher, Fred and Pete do not have known last names and will be listed without.  As for the main characters, only last names the character would have used while appearing will be listed in the credits.  Maiden names, etc... that are mentioned in the show, but not used by the character during the show do not belong in the credits.  This information CAN be posted as trivia, but remember to keep in episode specific.

    "In this episode, we learn that so & so's maiden name was Smith" - For example.


    Only NEW appearances should be credited on the episode level.  If an actor appears in a flashback scene, but was not in any new footage, you may post this info as trivia.


    A LOT of users have asked me about becoming TU for the guide.  Back when Drea first earned this guide, she had gwactuary and myself as TU's.  The three of us did a LOT of work in cleaning up the guide and I have gotten to know and trust him very well.  I am honored to have gwactuary continue on as a TU for the guide.  I have given the other TU to Drea.  For me, it's a way of remembering and honoring her.  This is the way it will stay.


    The forums here in the Roseanne guide are VERY active.  I love everyone's zest for the show and want to make sure all forum users are finding their experience enjoyable.  If you use the Roseanne forums, make sure you have read's TOS regarding forum use.  Any TOS violations WILL be dealt with.


    Drea posted submission guidelines in the forums and I will be sticking to them.  Please make sure to read them BEFORE submitting.  No one likes rejected subs and I don't like rejecting them.  If you have any question as to whether or not your sub will be accepted, I invite you to PM me with your questions and I can help you to format it into an acceptable submission.  If I receive a sub that is incorrect for whatever reason, I will correct it for you ONCE and give you a detailed explanation in the comment as to what I changed and why.  After that, incorrect subs will be rejected.

    I'd like to close by thanking everyone for their participation in making this guide what it is.  Like I said, it means more to me than you could possible understand to be Drea's successor and I hope, as an editor, I can do her proud!


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