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Roseanne Viewing Parties 3-3: Like A Virgin

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    Season 3
    Episode 3: Like A Virgin

    Recap:Becky's got a hot date with a Senior and as she gets ready for her big night, Darlene begins with the wise cracks. After Becky calls her sister a "virgin" Roseanne steps in and sends beck off to go "shave something." This prompts Dan to inquire if Roseanne had had the "zero population growth" talk with thier oldest daughter. Rosie reluctantly agrees that it's time and plans to sit Becky down before she leaves for her date. Meanwhile, Darlene has her friend Brian over to watch a basketball game as Dan & Roseanne get ready for a night out with Gary & Jackie. Becky comes down stairs before her date arrives looking fabulous and Roseanne pulls her into the kitchen to discuss birth control. Becky squirms but in the end assures Roseanne that the talk was good, but she's not having sex anyway. At the end of the night, Roseane and Dan return with Jackie and Gary to find Darlene on the couch making out with Brian. It seems Roseanne gave the speech to the wrong daughter.

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