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    Several Times on the show the cast would wear shirts or kitchen aprons with chickens on them. As silly as this question is, What was the significance, if any of this ?

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    Apparently Tom Arnold, Roseanne's ex-husband, found them repulsive when he worked on the show so she had it appear often to annoy him. That's one of many theories anyway.
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    I've never heard the "Tom Arnold" theory of the image but it's interesting to think about. I have always wondered what the significance of the chicken/egg image on the tee-shirt, apron, etc. meant. We see it in so many episodes I don't know all of them. several different characters can be seen wearing the image in certain episodes. I remember the first time we see it is when Roseanne wears the chicken/egg tee-shirt while she's up early "stuffing bread crumbs up a dead bird's butt" in the first Thanksgiving episode, "We Gather Together" (1989). The last time I remember seeing the image is in the final scene of episode 206, season 9, "Hoi Polloi Meets Hoiti Toiti," When "Astrid," "Doris," Chip," et al. are wearing the chicken/egg tee-shirt as they're saying goodbye to Roseanne and her family.

    DISCLAIMER - These may not be the actual first and last episodes that the chicken/egg image appears in, so if I'm wrong, you heard it here first, 'K? Peace.

    I remember trying to contact someone a long time ago who might have had inside information about this subject but I never heard back.

    Also, in some episodes, you can see Rosanne wearing a tee with images of bees/beehive/honey on it. Similar kind of connection...? I have my own theory about these visuals but I may be completely wrong so I'll just have to keep that to myself for now. What does anyone else here know or remember or think about this intriguing topic?

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