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Season 8 Episode 5

Halloween: the Final Chapter

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 1995 on ABC
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Halloween: the Final Chapter
Roseanne reigns as "Queen of the Gypsies, consort of wizards and seer of souls" on Halloween. A Ouija board sends a message from "The Dead" and portends an unexpected event!

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  • Didn't care much for this one.

    Roseanne really dropped the ball with this season's Halloween show. In the past, the Halloween episodes are some of my favorites, especially Season 2's "Boo!", but they sort of lost their touch in the last 2 attempts (Seasons 7 and 8.)

    The end of Season 7's Halloween show, "Skeleton in the Closet" was pretty lame... the house exploding and such, although the rest of the episode was very funny.

    However, this episode didn't have much to laugh at, the only part that really made me laugh was Sarah Chalke's cameo, I love that the show was able to make fun of itself for the re-casting of Becky. But while the first half of the episode is barely-watchable, as soon as she begins going into birth, it all goes downhill.

    The entire sequence was just stupid, and although I'm not familiar with Jerry Garcia's music, I thought it was a little weird that they had an impersonator dress up as him, I felt it was a little disrespectful, even though they didn't say anything BAD about the guy...

    I watched this one once just to say I seen all episodes, and I don't think I'll bother seeing it again..moreless
  • The Final Halloween for the Connors

    Halloween: the Final Chapter is the last Halloween episode of this classic series and is it one of the bests? Well no, but it is a very good episode and one of the funnier of the season.

    It begins with Halloween at the Connors. They have a saonce around the table and Dan and David fool some trick or treaters. Then Roseanne and Jackie play with the quijia board. They ask when is Roseanne going to have her baby, and it says \"NOW\" and suddenly we go into a world of zany Halloween stuff. In the end, it shows that Roseanne was halucinating while having the baby, and their new son Jerry Garcia Connor is born.moreless
  • Roseanne goes into labor on Halloween. Clips from various Halloweens are shown

    Why is it that when most shows start showing clip shows that they have reached the end. This is one episode that after I watched it I was scratching my head trying to figure out what it was about.

    Halloween on this show is usually one of the best shows of the season. There were always crazy pranks and costumes. The biggest gags this episode were opening a jar of rotten eggs and a oujia board that moved by itself.

    They they mention that Roseanne is in labor. Everything here is like theater of the absurd. Jerry garcia coming back from the dead with a message, dancing hippies, and magicians acting as doctors.

    But the biggest surprise of all is that after so much effort spent telling the audience that the baby was going to be a girl, including girly baby shower gifts...the baby turns out to be a boy who's name is now Jerry Garcia Conner!moreless
Fred Asparagus

Fred Asparagus

"Jerry Garcia"

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Ed McMahon


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Sarah Chalke


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Johnny Galecki

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Sarah Chalke, the second actress to play the role of Becky, jokingly makes an appearance as a mom of two boys trick-or-treating. Roseanne remarks that she wishes she had a daughter that nice. Lecy Goranson, the original Becky, had returned in the season premiere of this season taking back over the role of Becky.

    • Roseanne gave birth to a boy, but Roseanne's doctor said she was going to have a girl in episode 7.11, and the storyline maintained that up until the baby was born. Since Roseanne decided that she wanted the show to mirror her own life, they made the change from girl to boy on the show, but never explained it in the plot.

    • Roseanne's pregnancy lasted over 13 months from the date it was announced (episode 7.01). There are two reasons why her pregnancy lasted so long on the show. One reason was because of her use of fertility drugs and methods in a clinic. Another reason, as Roseanne explains at the end of the season 8 Halloween episode, is that Roseanne's character's pregnancy happened 3 months before the actual actress' pregnancy happened.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • (Jokingly Sarah Chalke, Becky #2, comes to the door as a Mom with her two sons trick-or-treating. At this point in the show, the original Becky had returned to take back over the role of Becky.)
      Roseanne: (After closing the door) Gee, I wish wish we had a daughter that sweet.
      Dan: Just wasn't in the cards honey.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Originally, Roseanne was going to go in labor at a Grateful Dead concert, but due to the sudden death of lead singer Jerry Garcia on August 9, 1995, the episode had to be re-written. The baby was named Jerry Garcia Conner in Garcia's memory.


    • In this episode Sarah Chalke jokingly comes to the door as a mom of two boys trick-or-treating. Lecy Goranson had returned to take back over the role of Becky this season.

      (Roseanne answers the door expecting trick-or-treaters. Sarah Chalke as the mom of two boys trick-or-treating is at the door.)
      Sarah Chalke, mom: Hi. Oh my God. This house is so warm and cozy. I love it. Thank you so much, you are nice nice nice.
      Mark: (behind Roseanne, from afar) Hey, this is like deja vu all over again.
      Roseanne: (closing door) Bye.
      Sarah Chalke, mom: Bye.
      Roseanne: (to Dan) Gee, I wish we had a daughter that sweet.
      Dan: Just wasn't in the cards honey.

      Jokingly, Sarah Chalke says the house is so nice, as she lived there and was part of the family. Obviously, Mark is referring to Lecy Goranson returning as his wife after his wife's character was played by somebody else (Sarah Chalke), and it is now happening again as Sarah Chalke is standing at the door after Lecy has been back. Dan obviously, is alluding to Sarah Chalke not continuing in the role of Becky and Lecy returning.