Season 6 Episode 7

Homeward Bound

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 1993 on ABC
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Homeward Bound
Darlene visits, making David realize how much he misses her; Roseanne urges Dan to have a man-to-man chat with D. J. after they discover he's been spending too much time behind locked doors.

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  • Dan and Roseanne find out that DJ is going through another part of puberty, and try to help him out but end up embarrassing him, so Roseanne sends Dan to talk to him, much against his will.moreless

    I really enjoyed this episode. It's got a lot of great humor, especially with Darlene. She's full of great lines the entire episode. But not only is the episode very silly, it's also got a very good message with Roseanne and Dan trying to let their son know that his new hobby of masturbating is nothing to be ashamed of.

    I felt bad for DJ when he was getting tormented by Darlene and he had no idea what she was talking about! And especially when he walks into his room to find that his parents have found his magazines under his mattress. The following scene with Dan and DJ in the garage is a very sweet scene with a father trying to talk to his son but feeling so awkward about it that it's hard to get the message across.

    Michael Fishman does a great job here acting very embarrassed (and personally I think it's his best scene in the season except for "The Driver's Seat". Even though he only has a handful of lines in the garage scene, his facial expressions really make the scene), and John Goodman is great as usual, with the uncomfortable and awkward conversation with his son trying to explain that he isn't doing anything wrong.

    What's great about Season 6 is that the show had been on the air long enough to try some of the really daring situations that were portrayed around this time, I don't think they could have pulled off an episode about masturbation (or a lesbian kiss, or smoking pot for that matter) in the earlier seasons. I think it was a very gutsy move to do an episode about a young teenager learning about masturbation, and Roseanne pulled it off brilliantly with a fine mix of humor and seriousness.

    All fans of the show should see this episode at some point, it's got great humor and some very good serious scenes. I love this episode.moreless
  • Dan and Roseanne faces the problem of comfronting DJ when they discover he found a new hobby of masturbation. Darlene comes home and finds out that David isn't doing so well. David realizes he misses Darlene.moreless

    This episode was just hillarious. Kept me laughing from beginning to the end. I just love to watch it even if it is a rerun. I can probably watch this episode a million times and still get a kick out of it. My favorite part was when they were having dinner I believe and they were all around the table and they were trying to avoid Darlene from telling her story but Dan was being slow and then I was dying how Darlene was poking fun at DJ's masturbation and says "So I heard you got in trouble in band for taking out an instrument."moreless
  • This episode was hillarious! Darlene is such a smart-alec. I love the wise cracks she throws at DJ when she finds out he is masturbating all the time. A classic Roseanne episode: full of sarcasm and quick retorts wichh cause you to laugh out loud.moreless

    This episode was so funny!! Darlene comes home from college and finds DJ locking himself in the bathroom for hours at a time masturbating. Then throughout the episode, she throws wise cracks about DJ's new "hobby" whenever she gets the chance. Roseanne and Dan are having a hard time accepting the fact, but put a lock on his door anyways so he's not in the bathroom all the time. They look under his bed and find one of Roseanne's fashion magazines and one of Dan's motorcycle babe magazines. DJ walks in on them and thinks they are snooping because he thinks masturbating is doing something wrong. Roseanne makes Dan go out and talk to DJ about masturbating because she feels bad that they embarrassed him. Dan tries to protest but Roseanne wins of course. As a very uncomfortable Dan tries to tell DJ that its part of growing up and theres nothing wrong with it and that everyone does it, DJ asks him if he does it and how often he does it. Dan responds with extreme uncomfort by telling him that it's ok to do but it's something nobody ever talks about. After I saw that scene I was laughing out loud and grabbing my side. It's a classic father-son moment. This was a great episode that will really lighten the mood of any room.moreless
  • This episode was the perfect example of how a sitcom should deal with an everyday situation in the life of a young man.

    The dinner scene is simply classic. Full of great dialogue and VERY snappy comebacks. One of the best scenes EVER!

    The dinner scene is simply classic. Full of great dialogue and VERY snappy comebacks. One of the best scenes EVER!

    The dinner scene is simply classic. Full of great dialogue and VERY snappy comebacks. One of the best scenes EVER!
  • The family finds out that DJ is going through puberty. David tries to get long without Darlene.

    The dialogue is the funniest part of the whole episode especially when mentioning DJ going through puberty. The look of pain on Dan\'s face is just a normal reaction when he finds out about what his son is doing locked in the bathroom. the jokes are fast and furious in this episode.
John Goodman

John Goodman

Dan Conner

Laurie Metcalf

Laurie Metcalf

Jackie Harris

Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert

Darlene Conner Healy

Michael Fishman

Michael Fishman

David Jacob "D.J." Conner

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Conner

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    • Roseanne: (As D.J. goes running toward the bathroom) Hey! Where are you going?
      D.J.: Dad told me not to say.

    • D.J.: Do you do it?
      Dan: Like I said, D.J., everybody does it.
      D.J.: How much do you do it?
      Dan: Well the thing is son, even though it's a perfectly normal thing, we don't talk about it.

    • Roseanne:Ok, new subject... Um, Dan, how was your day at work?
      Dan: Well, today was a special one for me. It was the 179th day in a row where I did exactly the same thing!

    • Roseanne (to Dan): Well we ought to be able to handle this okay. I mean, ya know, it's just masturbation.
      (David gets up and leaves)

    • Dan: Hey, what are you doing down here? What's the matter with your bathroom?
      Darlene: Oh, DJ's been in there for like an hour.
      Roseanne: Boy, he's just like you, Dan. Why don't you run a newspaper up to him?
      Darlene: He's got the door locked and it's like the third time today.
      Roseanne: Well, maybe I better go check on him.
      Darlene: Trust me, I don't think this is a time that a boy needs his mother.
      Roseanne: What are you talking about?
      Jackie: Um, I think I know what she's talking about, and I think you know what she's talking about if you just think about it for a minute.
      Darlene: Yeah, DJ's finally got a friend that's not imaginary.
      Dan: Oh, my God.
      Roseanne: You don't know. He could just be brushing his teeth or you know, maybe he's conpulsively washing his hands, or maybe it's something totally harmless, like cronic diharria.
      Darlene: Trust me, he goes in that room 'cause it's the only one with a lock on it, and he's in there for like an hour at a time. Which means he's really, really good at it or really, really bad at it.
      Dan: Oh, my God!
      Roseanne: Well, I don't want you giving him any grief about this, 'cause you could tramatize him and turn him into a seral killer or something.
      Darlene: Well, don't worry, how much damage could he do with only one free hand?

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