Season 2 Episode 5

House of Grown-Ups

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Becky is dating a 17-year old boy.  Darlene goes to her first co-ed party with Becky under the name "Vivian," a supposedly rich cousin from out of town. Becky dresses her to fit in, and the two are off for a night on the town.  Most importantly in Roseanne's life, Jackie is getting ready to depart for the police academy for six long weeks. Roseanne knows she's really going to miss Jackie: her warmth, her undying loyalty, her kindness, her creative zaniness, and her wacky ideas. The morning Jackie leaves, Roseanne comes over to Jackie's apartment to give her a ride to the bus depot and to say good-bye.  Jackie's apartment is a mess, but she's packed and eager to go. Roseanne begins to feel gloomy already and Jackie notices and hugs her. They sit and Roseanne pulls out a good-bye letter she has for Jackie.  It turns out that Jackie, underneath her excitement at being a policewoman, is also very sad at leaving Roseanne for six weeks. Jackie reads the letter and is so moved that she starts to cry, which starts Roseanne crying also.  Roseanne sobs about how much she'll miss her sister; Jackie admonishes her not to get sappy, but to no avail. Roseanne saps away until Jackie is really weeping hard. The two sisters sit and cry for a long while with their arms around each other, each dreading the time they'll be separated. Roseanne sniffles about feeling the empty-nest syndrome, and Jackie bawls about how much she's miss Roseanne's looking out for her. They hug and it's another mushy, emotional few minutes before either one of them are able to stop crying. They realize that bus time is coming close and Jackie has to get going, so they reluctantly disentangle themselves, sniffling, letting out an occasional stray sob, blowing their noses, and wiping their tears as best they can.  Jackie picks up her bag and starts out, trying to cheer both of them up by talking about her new career as a policewoman. Roseanne gloomily starts to pick up the mess of clothing Jackie has on the floor, and tosses it onto the bed, muttering "she's a big girl now." Roseanne also makes sure Jackie has the stove off. Jackie reminds Roseanne that she doesn't cook as they leave.  Roseanne comes home still feeling sad and is vacuuming the floor. Dan notices the tears in her eyes and asks her "what's the matter." Roseanne confides about missing Jackie already and about her feelings on Becky and Darlene growing up and how empty it all has her feeling. Dan comforts her and lets her cry a little more, then reassures her that he won't be going away, that she has him, and that Jackie would be back in six weeks.  Roseanne writes another letter to Jackie a week into Jackie's training and joking that she hopes Jackie's classes are "properly co-ed" meaning that she hopes Jackie is not the only woman there.