Season 7 Episode 21

Husbands and Wives

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

Fred has been gone from Jackie's place for almost a month after falsely accusing her of adultery and is now going around badmouthing Jackie to Dan and several others.

Both Dan and Roseanne are growing tired of Fred's endless complaints. Dan half-jokes about Jackie being an adulteress, but Roseanne doesn't find it funny, esp. since Jackie was really hurt by the accusation.

Jackie is feeling less gloomy than she was at first and is beginning to enjoy being single again and is not missing Fred as much these days. She's taking Andy on outings and is again doing new things, things that Fred never liked to do.

Fred later comes into the diner while Roseanne, Mark, and Becky are there and starts complaining to Mark about Jackie, calling her a liar above all else.

Roseanne has had it this time and goes to the kitchen and calls Bev for help, as she has an idea to try to get Fred to see how ridiculous he's being and to get Jackie to want Fred back.

Bev's all for the idea, so she comes into the diner, singing hello to everyone. Fred predictably starts badmouthing Jackie to Bev, hoping to gain Bev's sympathy and to maybe get Bev on her side.

Bev cues along, although she sees Fred's agenda. She plays up the complaints with Roseanne joining in and they exaggerate the complaints.

Fred tries to get Mark on his side by pointing out that Becky is over there talking to another guy and doesn't that make Mark jealous? Mark says no at first, but when the guy touches Becky, Mark tells the guy off...but doesn't accuse Becky.

Fred is slowly beginning to realize how hasty he was to accuse Jackie and storm out on her and now sees how ridiculous and petty he sounds now badmouthing Jackie and begins to think of coming back to Jackie after all, that perhaps he owes her an apology.

Roseanne later goes over to Jackie's to try to convince her to take Fred back. Jackie is unsure that she wants to...she's beginning to enjoy being alone with Andy and doesn't miss the jealous, accusatory side of Fred at all.

*Don't you love Fred anymore?* Roseanne asks her gently, worrying that perhaps she did butt her nose in too far into Jackie's problems with Fred. Jackie looks down at Andy, then the floor for a long minute, then swallows really hard. She looks up at Roseanne, feeling a tad bit guilty over her confused feelings about Fred and says softly in her honest way *I don't know...*

Part of Jackie still does love Fred, but just not when he gets jealous or petty. Roseanne then tells Jackie to try to work out her feelings. Fred then comes back in. Jackie is not sure she's all that happy to see him, as she still is feeling the residue hurt from his accusations.

Roseanne takes Andy into the next room while Jackie and Fred talk. Jackie lets Fred know how hurt she was by his accusations and his not giving her a chance to explain her side of things. Fred then reluctantly apologizes. Jackie admits that she's still feeling guilty over dancing with Pete, but it went no further than that.

Jackie had been planning to take Andy to the park, but now doesn't feel like it since she saw Fred. Roseanne offers to take Andy.

The episode closes with Roseanne and Andy leaving, Fred standing in the living room, wondering if Roseanne's butting in really helped matters and Jackie gloomily going into the bedroom, still feeling very confused about Fred and grateful for Roseanne and Bev's help.