Season 2 Episode 1

Inherit the Wind

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 1989 on ABC
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Inherit the Wind
Roseanne tries her hand at telephone solicitation while trying to console Becky who had an embarrassing accident in front of the school council. Just as her speech was wrapping up, she broke wind. The whole school is talking about it, especially Darlene. Becky is mortified, and Roseanne tries to comfort her.moreless

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  • Jimmy Meltrigger...

    I know who he is just cant remember name, he's been in movies.. ??
  • One of the best episodes of Roseanne. Very universal, and well done.

    I wasn't going to leave a review for this episode, but I'm going to leave one since there are only a few reviews, as to do this episode justice. This is easily one of the best episodes of Roseanne, superbly well-written from start to end. Very difficult to write a review for this episode, as a lot of what makes this episode great is the story-telling of Darlene, facial expressions of Darlene, reactions of family members and friends, and Lecy Goranson's acting as Becky.

    Becky, as Roseanne says, "boombies" in front of the entire student council as she is giving a speech, including a guy whom she is supposed to go on a date with for the first time that evening. We, as an audience, learn of this occurrence from the wonderful narration by Darlene to Roseanne and Dan complete with great facial expressions..."people are already calling her Conner the bomber." Becky is absolutely mortified, throws on some around-the-house clothes, and locks herself in her bedroom. Later in the day, when she does get up enough to go downstairs and lay on the couch and watches some television, Darlene comes in, with no one else around, and makes as if she is just going to quietly and non-chalantly sit down. Then, after grinning silently at Becky several times, Darlene makes a mock passing gas sound with her hands. Like I said, you have to see it. Becky goes running back upstairs. So much is done with non-verbal expression. Crystal even stops by with a card for Becky telling Roseanne she heard about Becky's "unfortunate accident." To which Roseanne replies, "yeah, we're thinking of having her put to sleep." And, "how thoughtful, and strange." What I enjoyed about this episode is how Lecy Goranson as Becky played the part. You really feel totally embarrassed and bad for her. Later Jimmy Meltrigger, the guy that Becky was supposed to go on the date with, shows up for the date, and they go out.

    One of the best episodes of Roseanne. One of my top five.moreless
  • Becky has a little accident...

    This episode is a legend!! Amazing am telling ya!! So becky makes a speech to the whole school and while shes doing it she lets off one. Even infront of Jimmy Meltrigger - the love of her life! So shes embarrased and depressed! But of course the mischevious Darlene comes in and torments her when no-ones around so then Beckys goes running upstairs. Then Roseanne tells the story about how she dove into a pool and came up with half her bathing suit off but then jackie makes things worse and beckys hides in the bathroom!! Fabulous story line and perfectly written as usual!moreless
  • Inherit this episode

    I cannot believe that no one has posted a review for this episode. Becky runs for student council, and when she begins to say her speech, she cuts one. When Darlene gets home, we find out that Becky has already been given the nickname "Conner the Bomber." Darlene is in her prime in this episode, being told to stay in the kitchen and when Becky finally comes downstairs, Darlene starts whistling, sending Becky back up to her room. Becky had a date planned with a guy (played by Stephen Dorff), but she assumed it was called off after she puffed in front of the whole school. A funny episode, and again, well-written.moreless
John Goodman

John Goodman

Dan Conner

Laurie Metcalf

Laurie Metcalf

Jackie Harris

Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert

Darlene Conner Healy

Michael Fishman

Michael Fishman

David Jacob "D.J." Conner

Lecy Goranson

Lecy Goranson

Rebecca "Becky" Conner Healy

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Conner

Stephen Dorff

Stephen Dorff

Jimmy Meltrigger

Guest Star

Natalie West

Natalie West

Crystal Anderson Conner

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Roseanne cycles through many jobs in Season 2. They include: 1) Telephone Solicitor, 2) Foreman Secretary, 3) Lobo Waitress, 4) Chicken Divine Employee, 5) Hair Saloon Shampoo-Woman.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Jackie: Hey Becky, I heard what happened. And I was just telling your mom that it reminded me of the time she jumped into a public pool and came up with half of her bathing suit missing.
      Becky: Which half?
      Roseanne: The northern states.

    • (After Darlene asks her mom what she's doing to which Roseanne replies that she is working on invoices for her magazine subscription job)
      Darlene: Yeah? Well why don't we trade Becky in for a partially tattooed Latin boy of 16.
      Roseanne: Cuz that's my Christmas present to myself.

    • (After seeing Dan trying to hide his laughter)
      Roseanne: Shut Up, Dan!
      Dan: What! (while trying to hide his laughter)
      Roseanne: This isn't funny! This is totally serious.
      Dan: Why don't you go up there and talk to her?
      Roseanne: 'Cause I figure this is your area of expertise.
      Dan: Okay, okay.
      (Dan tries to walk up the stairs, but he couldn't hold his laughter any longer and sits back down)
      Dan: I didn't make it!
      Roseanne goes to fix the problem.
      Dan: Honey... I own you one.

    • Jackie: Remember, you jumped into the swimming pool and came up and started talking with the boy and your left boughie was bobbing on the pool deck.
      Roseanne: That didn't happen.
      Jackie: It was the 4th of July weekend, you were wearing that stars and stripes bathing suit because you said it reminded you of Henry Fonda's helmet in Easy Rider. And when you came up, half the country was missing.
      Roseanne: If that had happened, I would've been a lot more popular in high school.

    • (Becky walks into the kitchen dressed up for her date.)

      Dan: Could this woman be my little Becky?
      Darlene: Not all of her. If I were you, I'd check upstairs for some missing Kleenex.
      Becky: Darlene, you have such a big mouth.
      Darlene: And you have such a small chest.
      Becky: At least I have a chest.
      Darlene: At least I'm not a drooling, boy-crazed maniac.
      Roseanne: Hey! Leave me out of this!

    • Darlene: (after Becky farts in front of the entire school) They were already calling her "Conner-the-Bomber".

    • Darlene: Hey, mom whatcha workin' on?
      Roseanne: Invoices. I'm ordering new children.

    • Roseanne: Hey you, I thought you have pep squad.
      Becky:I'm quitting pep squad, i'm quitting school, if anyone calls or ask for me, tell them i'm dead.
      Darlene:Where's my sister? i've been waiting for this... While Becky was giving her speech, it happend.
      Roseanne:What Happend?
      Darlene: Becky cut the cheese.

    • (Having heard that Becky farted in front of the whole school)
      Crystal: Um, I heard about Becky's accident, and I'm, I'm so sorry.
      Roseanne: Yeah, we're thinking about having her put to sleep.

    • Roseanne: Life is full of boombies

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