Season 9 Episode 23

Into That Good Night (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 20, 1997 on ABC

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  • Ok, so why did they have to?... (Doing both Parts)


    They scrambled stuff up from the begining or more like the 2nd season (since that is when she got her desk). Ok, if they had left the majority of it alone, Darlene had really been with David, Becky really was with Mark, they did win the lottery,etc. I could've accepted her not really being able to handle Dan's death very well and ended up rewritting the last year. But to scramble the whole thing up and to say oh,well, we've been lying about pretty much everything, um, I'm sorry, but no. When you look at a series, you're thinking this is life for this family, or this era, or this group, or whatever. Not, we took so many liberities with this series, that now you are like WTF? seriously? I mean I did like the episode, but it also makes me mad and sad. so, eh.
  • The final episode is when Darlene and David bring home the baby, Mark and Becky have a secret and Leon and scott make a big announcement.

    Alot of people hated this episode because it really scrambled things up. With Dan really dieing from the heart attack and Becky choosing David instead of Mark and Darlene being with Mark. As well as Jackie being gay and not their mother. It was very sad when we found out Dan was gone and that nothing really had changed, the house was the same, they didnt win the lottery and roseanne was writing. It was amazing that after all this Roseanne has learned so much ans that Dan dieing had really hurt her and changed her life forever. This show will be missed, it was amazing.
  • a great ending to a great show

    (spoiler alerts)
    a lot of people do not like the series finale of roseanne but i do. i think that is has a great ending. even though you find out everything is the other way around. becky with david. darlen with mark. jakie being gay and dan. "i lost dan last year to his heart attack" when you hear those words it get's you. the last season was just roeseanne dealing with dan's death. the reason she made dan cheat on her was because she couldn't deal with the fact that he died. this episode will deliver jokes. but make no mistake the ending of this show was not funny. it was set at a serious level. but i still love the ending where roseanne walks out of the basemetn and pheobe snow is singing the theme song. you see that everything is back to the way it was. and roseanne simply sits down on the couch as a quote from lawrence of arabia. and if you ever got the opertunity to see this episode. really listin to what roseanne say's at the end.
  • Darlene and David bring home their new baby. Roseanne's sage advice for her daughter?

    Kinda boring but it was a good way to use up an episode and to set up for the series finale which I loved but as far this episode goes, it was just ok, you could tell the staff were just running out of ideas, but then again you could tell that after only 3 episodes of this season... None the less, I've always loved this show, even the worst episodes, I still had fun watching!!!