Season 9 Episode 24

Into That Good Night (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 20, 1997 on ABC

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  • I'm real sorry, but WHAT?! Uh-uh, not a perfect way to end such an awesome show!

    Sorry to change it, but after reading it and watching it myself, I was all like: "no way, this is impossible". The beginning of the episode was good, but the ending was just wrong. So, so WRONG!!! I mean really, Jackie is gay, Becky dates David & Mark dates Darlene, and Dan dies after season 8, big mistake man, big mistake. As much as we love "Roseanne", this episode isn't what we'd expect the series to end after nine years of running. To me, this episode just had to be the worst way to end a series like this one. The final scene is what's bugging me. I rate this episode a 2 out of 10, because it's honestly one of the worst TV endings ever!
  • Brilliant Doesn't Even Come Close

    I had always heard growing up how the finale of this show ranks up there as one of the greatest, but I was just slightly too young to really appreciate it when it first aired. About 10 years after it first aired, I was finally able to watch it and brilliant just doesn't even begin to describe the episode for me. Roseanne the person had evolved tremendously throughout the course of the series and had become a huge star in her own right that she figured she had complete creative control over the show, particularly in the later seasons. When she sill found herself answering to the crew and network suits by the 9th season, she decided to take matters into her own hand. I have always viewed this episode as a giant middle finger to viewers everywhere. I can see why many people at the time didn't really like it. They saw it a s cop out to explain away what was the worst season ever of the show. Yes she did that, but the explanation goes deeper. She also provides a reasoning for the entire series and why some choices were made and others not made. Many series have had clever ways to explain why things happened the way they did (two of the best being the entire season of "Dallas" after . was shot being Sue Ellen's dream and explaining away the entirety of the series "Newhart" being Bob from The Bob Newhart Show's dream) but none have done it quite like Roseanne and I venture anyone to find a series finale episode as brilliant as this one since. Most series these days you can see the finale episode and it's attempt to give the characters closure from a mile away (How I Met Your Mother, I'm talking to you) and the shockers that change the face of TV are single episodes squeezed into the scope of a much larger series. As for "Roseanne" the show and more specifically this episode deserves its place in TV history as one of the most iconic and groundbreaking shows ever to grace our screens. The only disappointment for me was not being old enough to experience this masterpiece as it was originally airing on ABC. I watch reruns all the time on cable, but they severely edit the episodes to make more room for commercials and the main intention of many of the episodes are lost.
  • The series finale made up for the entire season 9

    I have to say every show goes downhill after quite a few seasons and it seemed like they just gave up on the show before the network did. There were so many pointless episodes in season 9, very unrealistic moments and some very great episodes but the series finale and its plot made up for all that went wrong that season. It was clever and fit in with the finale of season 8. It made me love the show again. I thought too that since s9 lacked Dan so much that he DID die from the heart-attack after all. As sad as it was to let go of this show it really also was a relief. Roseanne is one of my all time favorites and I have more pleasant moments than not.
  • I liked it.

    Unlike most people, I actually liked the series finale. I thought it was cleverly plotted and is a classic Roseanne move. Always a twist with her. I also thought it was cleverly executed how she revealed everything. Roseanne is one of my favorite shows, and the ending will definetly be one that is not forgotton.
  • fitting end to a great show

    For the most part, critics panned this episode. After all, Roseanne had pretty much gone down the tubes in it's later years with rather silly story lines.

    But this final episode was so fitting and necessary, that it could be easily seen why some were left with a bad taste in their mouths, yet others, such as this writer, where left feeling sad and chilled about the outcome.

    Still, it was a wonderful conclusion to a terrific show.

    When Roseanne sits down alone on that old, dusty couch, it fades out to the hauntingly beautiful voice of Phoebe Snow singing the words to the shows song.

    There was not show like Roseanne on television, and after already 9 years off the air, there probably will never be.
  • Nice ending to a great show.

    The series finale of "Roseanne" reveals things I never would have guessed. Who knew that Jackie was gay, Dan died after his heart attack, Darlene was with Mark, and Becky was with David? I thought it was a really good ending to an amazing show. No matter how many times I watch this episode, it will always leave me tearing up.
  • Roseanne's Coup

    The series finale of Roseanne ranks up there with last episode of Newhart and Star Trek: The Next Generation. There are many people who did not like this episode and it will forever remain in controversy. Roseanne took back her concept which had been in the hands of other people for over a decade. She wrote the story the way she wanted it to be, and for that I appluad her. I still get teary eye when I see the finale.
  • Everyone who reviews this episode as poor obviously never watched it when it first premiered. This episode was a classic and one of the strangest and most unique endings I have seen.

    Everyone who review's this episode badly think differently because they are just seeing the finale now... If you were alive or liked Roseanne back when the series finale first premiered, you would think differently. There is a different feel looking back at the episode now then at the time it premiered.

    I really think that this series is amazing, I mean how many people can say that a show was purely controlled by one person and in the series finale, Roseanne is able to show her female dominance once again for the last time.

  • Roseanne reveals that the final series was what she wrote, how she wished things had been?

    It was genious how Roseanane wrote about how she wished the Connors had money just to see what it would be like, and Roseanne wrote how they were really better off without it, moral being that money does not brig happiness.

    The series finale was a tearjerker because it meant that Roseanne was over, and even though the episode was strange, it was great because it left the show as a legacy.

  • This episode was a happy, yet sad ending. Very touching, and very well written. I first thought when I saw this episode, that Roseanne was in the future at the end. It surprised me when I found out that it was just a story. It was very, very, very touchin

    It was an amazing perspective on a regular person's life. From the very first episode, I knew that it was going to be special series. I was wrong. It wasn't special, it was phenominal. Anyone who has not yet seen this episode, or has never watched the series, should at least check it out.
  • This episode is very revealing and truth comes to light when Roseanne tells us many lives that have been changed while writing her book.

    This was the final part of the final 2 part episode of perhaps one of the greatest sitcoms on television ever. This ties everything throughout the series we've seen so far, and tells the truth of many different situations at once. For instance, who the kids were married to, who was actually gay and did Roseanne really win the lottery? I don't know, you'll have to wait and see it. But the end will leave you in tears, it was as good as any movie climax I've ever seen, and all I can say is from the realistic stand-point, it was the best way to end the series.
  • Suprising Episode!

    This Episode is just unbelievable. Today was the first day I`ve ever seen it! and it just took me by suprise! i had no idea i feel blind! the thing that caught me off guard was when they were in the table and it showed Dan sitting on a chair, and they turned the camara showing i think it was Jackie and bev, and when they came back to where dan was sitting and showed he was gone I was soo suprised! i had noo idea att alll! it all confused me so I just had to figure out what happened. and i didnt know that Darlene ACTUALLY married Mark and that Becky married David until i logged on here and read the reviews, im just slow like that. but when i saw that Dan actually did Die, i started crying. because its just so horrible i mean watching these series and loving the characters it was such an OMG moment. i think its so bittersweet how it all turned out in the end. this episode makes me buy all the series so i can understand it better! i was watching it on Nick @ Night so it should be on in 30 minutes. i cant wait to watch it cause i just love this episode!
  • The season comes to an end with the viewers finding out Roseanne used her writings to create the "perfect" life possible, and it was not really as it seemed to be.

    This episode was amazing! The changes that we found out are unexpected, but they dont make it any worse. Its was very sad to find out Dan dies, because without him there was no Roseanne. Seeing Darlene with Mark and Becky with David doesn't make sense at first, but when you think about it, it does. Although I like it the way it was through the series. It's also revealed that Bev is not gay and jackie is. It makes sence that she turned out gay considering she never had a relationship that lasted more than a season! One thing mentioned in the first episode of the finale is Darlenes babys name. Harris conner healy. I think thats p[erfect because it is all the family's name in one, and it shows how they get through everything together. Although the finale is odd, it still has the same messages that it always had. Altough they may have it rough, they always pull through.
  • I think this ending was nearly perfect, as so far as wrapping up a series about a blue-collar family, and here is why:

    There is no way to summarize the life and struggle of the working class more than wishing you could re-write your life, re-write the sad or hard moments into something perfect- to live in a fantasy world, to have the things you can't have. We've all done it, if not only in our minds. Perhaps I can just relate to this ending because I come from a similar background and practice writing myself. I think about it all the time: what would have happened if my family members wouldn't have died, what it would be like to be super rich or what if I wouldn't have been dumped by someone I thought was the one. In closing, even when fictionally writing her dream ending, Roseanne finds that money, which was in many ways the shows own antagonist, would never change the roots of who she was- which was primarily reliant on love and family. A good lesson. I also like finales that make me feel some sort of emotion, instead of just "awe, that was cute/silly." She ends her book the same way in which many viewers, and I find that those are the viewers that are disappointed in the ending, would have liked to see it: everyone happy around that infamous dinner table, family and friends, laughing and looking towards bright futures, but then we unexpectedly reminded of the imperfections of life and the reality of it all. That is part of what made this show so great- the realism. Is the ending sad? Yes. Does it seem unfair? Yes. Is it a cop-out? Not really. Was the first half of the season lack luster, Yes. On a final note, I'd like to acknowledge that it was an ode to Roseanne Barr's personal life, considering the show itself was based on her own characters in relation to her personal family and friends. In a way, the end monologue was Roseanne speaking to the character in which she created, in a surreal way, through the character which that character created. As much as it is an ending for the viewer, it seems as a good form of closure for her as a writer/actress/creator.
  • "Do not go gentle into that good night" Dylan Thomas The Conners welcome the new baby and Roseanne reveal certain truths about the "real" family.

    I think this episode made TV history with the epic finale. Who would know the Conner’s were still dirt poor. The way the show ended was epic compared to the ending of most television shows.

    I was so surprised to learn that Dan was dead, Jackie was gay, Mark was with Darlene and David was with Becky, although I do find them more fitting together they way it was in Roseanne’s real life.

    This final season is suppose to be made up, meaning the Conner’s didn't win the $108 Million Dollar lottery. The lottery I think really made the show seem more realistic. Regular people winning a huge lottery.

    Roseanne's monologue at the end was one that truly offered and really made TV history. Her one line “He’s the first thing I think about when I get up and the last thing I think about before I go to bed.” Really pulled on my heart strings.

    We were all sad to see Roseanne fall behind into that good night.
  • alright

    obviously i am a bit too young to have seen this the night it originally aired, but i do see why some people did not like it. it was weird, especially the final few minutes, the monologue. I did not like Dan actually dying and stuff like that, it is like most if not all of the events that happened in the ninth season did not actually happen in the series canon. So I felt it was a good finale but the last few minutes of it I think many could have done without. Final grade for the finale- C
  • Apart from the ending, the episode was good.

    David and Darlene had Baby Harris and move back in with the Conner's, it seems the last scene is everyone around the baby, and when you think about it, if only the final season was Roseanne's imagination, which isn't made clear, David and Darlene, Mark and Becky did end up together because they were the portrayed couples before Roseanne started writing, so the infamous monologue didn't make sense, in my opinion to avoid feeling lied to and cheated, remember the show with a happy ending, for in our hearts, it's Roseanne and Dan, Jackie and Andy, DJ, Mark and Becky, David, Darlene and Baby Harris until the end.
  • Made no sense

    I believe that Roseanne and the writers had no choice but to make the last few seasons into Roseanne's imagination especially the last season which was horrible. Having Roseanne to win the lottery was silly and ruin the premise of the show and for Dan to cheat on her was wrong because although they fight they were a loving couple. For the last few years I believe John Goodman hated being on the show ever since Tom Arnold arrived and Roseanne got total control. As for the final episode it was stupid that Darlene married Mark and Becky married David. Hey Roseanne did you ever heard the old saying that opposites attract.
  • Does no one else feel cheated?

    We had to suffer thought the last season (god was winning the lottery a horrible move for that show) only to find out it was fiction (all be it the show is fiction, but you know what I mean). This is almost as bad as Dallas making the entire Season 3 a dream. Not to mention they turned Dan into a bad guy, also a move that wasn't needed. I guess the writers musta realized the lottery aspect was dumb and wanted to do something to fix it. Still I feel cheated. Shows how it only takes one season to ruin a show.
  • The Series Finale was great! I know this episode kind of sad because Dan was die. I think Roseanne is a great actress.

    David and Darlene had a baby! Lucky the baby was still alive. I'm glad that baby was not die and still alive! I was worried that baby getting sick or something like that. Nope it was all fine and no problem! Wow Mark and Becky are going to have a child? Mmmm that's interesting. I feeling bad for Roseanne because her husband was die. At end Roseanne was alone in living room that’s me sad a little bit. I will miss this show! I know it's classic show.
  • Still Confusing After All These Years!

    As a huge fan of Roseanne (I still watch it all the time on Nick at Nite and Oxygen), I still find this episode confusing. It's easy to tell that Dan really died and that they did not win the lottery, which means everything from when Dan wakes up in Season 8 to the end of the series is not a reality (ok none of it is reality). But it's the David/Becky, Darlene/Mark switch that is the most confusing. So does that mean that the last half of the series was her writing? What about the Jackie is gay comment? Is that her real life or the Conner's life? No matter how many times I see the episode, I ask these same questions.
  • The series comes to a conclusion as we realize that the final season has been the creation of Roseanne's creative writing, organizing real events in her life into a dynamic with which she is more able to cope.

    This episode showed exactly what was great about this show. Although many have said that in this episode, Roseanne herself takes her character too seriously, I found it to be a wonderful book end for the series. At various times throughout the series, we saw Roseanne's frustration at having had a dream of being a writer, but becoming caught up in "life" and never being quite able to pursue it.
    After the family won the lottery in the series, the stories took on a more 'fantasic' tone, and it was nice to find out at the end that this was part of Roseanne's creative writing mind.
    Wonderful to see her writing again down in the basement that she had once attempted to use as an office.
    Great ending to a great series.
  • A perfect way to end the series

    The first time I saw this I didn't like it, probably because I didn't totally understand it. I only started watching midway through the 8th season and never watched that closely so a lot of it confused me. Now that I've seen the entire series many times through, I get it and I can't think of a better way to have ended the show. I do feel like a lot of it was a desperate attempt to explain a few of the sillier moments that had taken place over the previous 9 years, but it was still very satisfying. There were always mentions of Roseanne Conner's dream of being a writer and it's wonderful that it happened for her. Viewers were able to share in her triumph, bittersweet as it may have been. Perhaps the best thing about the finale was its simplicity. There were no major events. The was no last laugh over something that wasn't particularly funny. The show ended the way it began - everything for the Conners was OK. Not great and not terrible, just the way it was.
  • Not at all how I wanted the series to end.

    The very first time I saw the last episode I was very very confused. I said to myself, "What the hell was that?!?" To this day I still ask myself that question everytime I see that episode. Roseanne basically said in her book that everything from season 4 on was a total load of crap. What kind of person just makes up an alternate reality for the entire last half of the series. Now, do understand me here, I love the series. I have seen every single episode at least 3 times. This episode is by far the worst of the bunch. I cant hardly wait till this season comes out on dvd. I hope that Roseanne explains why she ended the series in such a moronic way. I mean come on, when she sent Arnie off into space, that was funny as all hell, but changing the last half of the series? Whats up with that?
  • Shocking.

    Ya, I seen about pretty much every episode except the very last Episode. When I saw it last night, I went to bed thinking, wow that was shocking, suprising, and sad. But it was a nice ending. It gets a 10. I also like reading what people described it. Thanks.
  • Darlene and David bring Harris home; Becky is pregant; and Roseanne explains her book.

    The 2nd part of the Series Finale shows everyone meeting Darlene's baby, Harris. After everyone meets her, Darlene talks with Roseanne about how long she is staying. They decide that they are going to move in. Becky is pregant, and Mark and her plan on telling everyone in a few weeks. As everyone sits around the kitchen table, Roseanne talks about everyone. She explains how Becky really married David and Darlene really married Mark. She says the Jackie was actually gay, and her mom was not. She says that Leon wasn't as cool as she made him, and said that she didn't change anything about Scott. She says how she has told DJ that he will be the next Steven Spelberg (spelled wrong I know.) She says Nacy is kinda her hero. Then she says that Dan really died when he had his heart attack. She talks about how she had been writing a book of her life and as she wrote it, she re lived it. She says she changed what she didn't like (like Dan dying.) She also talks about how they didn't win the lottery or go anywhere fancy. In the end, she finishes her book. This was a very sad and confusing episode.
  • Roseanne\'s finale was one that was not an \"original ending\". I also belive she took a gamble on it being diffrent, and in my opinion, she did excellent.

    Some people will argue with you and say that this last two-part episode & final season was horrible. They\'ll say \"She stopped struggling financially, and it lost its whole theme\", but if you stop and think, it really didn\'t. It showed that even though she won the lottery she was still the same old roseanne, and she still had family issues, and other concerns, she just got a little luck, and what low-class family hasn\'t. Regarding the final episodes, I thought they were spectacular. I felt this way because it showed how much there lives had changed, and no matter what happend they\'d stick together. It also showed that even throught the fights & yelling she loved her kids. I also liked her monolouge, even though it was very sad, because I think she learned a lot of things through her writtings. The last reason this episode is special to me is because it shows her returning to the life she always had, with the original house setting & such. So if you can say, that you hated the final season & the last episode, your really ignorant (meaning you don\'t know any better) and you didn\'t read bettween roseanne\'s lines.
  • The biggest bang!

    Now we all know that the show itself was fake. Just a funny sitcom that come on once a week. We watched Roseanna for almost 10 years and then on the final episode you find out that the whole time she was writing a book and the viewers were the ones reading it. We find out that Roseanna had changed things around for example Mark was supposed to be with Darlene so all the episodes envoling Becky sneaking off with Mark didn't really happen. Or Jackie going out on all those date or thier mother coming out of the closet of Thanksgiving. None of that happened!!! This shocked me and I concluded that Roseanne is without a doubt the greatest show that has ever aired on TV. Every show wasnt to send its show off with a bang and I belive Roseanne blew up the street!
  • One of the best series finals ever. I think with this show’s entire run and the entire final season Roseanne Bar showed the true artist she was.

    The entire show from day one was about how real people lived real lives, and that life at many times throws things at you that are unexpected, but still have to be deal with. I was a great fan of the show, but a couple episodes into the last season she lost me as a viewer, because I thought it had lost the character of the previous 8 seasons. I hated the fact the Dan and her were splitting up, and that seemed so out of sink with the other show seasons. So I didn’t watch much of the final season. I also didn’t watch part 1, but did watch part 2 cause I wanted to see how she ended the show. Now I really want to go back and watch the entire final season. To find out that she had made the entire year up as a way to cope with her husband’s death was very profound. Here the love of her life was gone, and she didn’t know how to deal with it. So she turned to writing, and doing it in the room he had created for her. Everyone knew how in love they were through the good times and the bad. Their love was their strength. In her mind getting divorced was an easier way to cope with losing him, then to be taken from her by a heart attack.

    Despite being criticized for public actions, as an artist Roseanne Bar is an “A” class artist to me. I hope one day she will star in another TV sit come. I am also very glad to see she has lost all that weight.
  • it just shows that the Roseanne series was different but it kinda made me mad at first because it just opened up alot of more questions at the last couple of seconds of the show and it just confused me so much!!!

    I am a very loyal Roseanne fan and i loved the entire series but i dont think i would have minded not seeing the last episode because it just left me full of questions because it meant every show after Darlene and David got married isnt true it means she made up Dan cheating on her in California and even before it it made stuff up i mean is Darlene the one that was boy crazy and ran off with mark and then came back after she was married was Becky the one who became all depressed and started wearing all black was Becky the one that drew comic books with David or was it that Mark was like David and all like sensitive and stuff and David was like Mark and was you know like stupid and stuff so it just left you thinking exactly when did the story become full of like lies basically and before that was it the same when they were little or was Becky playing basketball and Darlene obsessed with make-up and sutff or maybe I am just like thinking this entirely different from what is was supposed to be thought of so it just leaves i noe at least me but most likely alot of other people just entirely confused and my favorite shows were the one with David and Darlene and i thought they were just such a cute couple together just to find out at the end that the couples were switched around.
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