Season 6 Episode 19

Labor Day

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 1994 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jackie is three days past her due date, and begins wondering if she would ever deliver. She's physically and emotionally ready; her bags are packed. There's just one order of business that remains: Will Fred or Roseanne accompany Jackie in the delivery room?

As Dan and Roseanne host dinner for one last meal of freedom for Jackie and Fred, Jackie decides on Fred, This decision which disappoints Roseanne, for she had known Jackie for 38 years, whereas Fred bought her dinner and a movie. Roseanne acquiesces, though visibly upset.

When Jackie's water breaks at The Lunch Box, Roseanne delays going to the hospital, so as to make it less likely that Fred can arrive in time. Rather she stops off at the house, and delays the trip to the hospital with a startling lack of urgency.

By the time they actually arrive at the hospital, labor is more advanced. This actually serves to facilitate admission, as Lanford Hospital would not accept Jackie's insurance, and would not admit Jackie, except it be an emergency. Roseanne's contrived delay created an emergency. It's only at this stage that Roseanne finds it worthwhile to call Fred, only he's not at work, and can't be located.

In the delivery room, Jackie remembers a second unattended order of business, the baby's name. Bev tried to console her by assuring Jackie that if she doesn't like what she picks, she can change it later, "... after all, no one ever calls you Marjorie." This proves no consolation, as Jackie had no inkling that her name ever was Marjorie.

Dan shows up in the waiting room with news that Fred was in Elgin, and wouldn't be back for three hours, well beyond the projected birth moment. The story was a ruse to take a jab at Roseanne's delay tactics. For as Roseanne wallows in remorse, Fred comes running into the waiting room, and on to the delivery room.

The doctor announces that delivery is imminent, and asks all but the coach to leave. Roseanne still squawks. Fred's solution is to assign Roseanne as coach, and offers to leave - IF the doctor is willing to remove him physically. This gambit essentially works, except that Fred faints as the baby crowns.

Fred's recovery is astonishingly rapic, for he is up, conscious and alert at the moment of birth. The baby's first vision is a blurry view of Fred. Jackie asks for, and is granted the baby, and she introduces him to her Aunt Roseanne.

The baby wails.....