Season 5 Episode 8

Ladies' Choice

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 1992 on ABC
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Ladies' Choice
Nancy takes Roseanne and Jackie by surprise with the announcement that she and Marla are lovers; Bev announces she is moving into a Lanford retirement center, which leaves Roseanne feeling over the hill.

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  • eyes did not deceive you

    She is indeed wearing an upside down crucifix, also known as Saint Peters cross (often mistaken and misused as a "satanic" symbol)

    that aside Really enjoyed this episode, especially the "I'm 63" conversation
  • do my eyes deceive me?

    Is Marla (Morgan Fairchild) really wearing an upside down cross???? wow!
Belita Moreno

Belita Moreno


Guest Star

Morgan Fairchild

Morgan Fairchild


Guest Star

Estelle Parsons

Estelle Parsons

Beverly "Bev" Harris

Recurring Role

Sandra Bernhard

Sandra Bernhard

Nancy Bartlett Thomas

Recurring Role

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    • Senior community worker: We want to do everything we can to take the burden off you and your sister.
      Jackie: You must have an awfully large staff.

    • Roseanne: That would be the last place she would ever live, Jackie. That'd be where we'd go to get her stuff after she died.
      Jackie: Why're you worrying about that? That's a long time away.
      Roseanne: You don't know that. I can't believe it, we're planning Mom's death.
      Jackie: We've been planning her death for years.
      Roseanne: Plotting, not planning.

    • Roseanne: How old do you feel, Mom?
      Bev: I'm 63 years old.
      Roseanne: No, I know how old you are, how old do you feel?
      Bev: 63, I'm 63.
      Roseanne: Mom, stop saying that.
      Bev: What do you want me to say?
      Roseanne: That you feel 16, or 24, or 35, just anything but 63, it's old.
      Bev: I'm not old.
      Roseanne: Being in this place will make you old.

    • Roseanne: How old do you feel?
      Jackie: Well, 30...12 on a good day, 8.
      Roseanne: I feel like I'm 16 with an 18 year old married daughter and two mortgages and a mother moving into a retirement home. I wish I was old enough to drink.

    • Bev: (after Roseanne tells Bev that she would let her move in when she's older...) Of course you would dear, I just think strangers would take better care of me.

    • Roseanne: We'd react the same way we react when you tell us something personal. We make fun of you until it gets old and then move on.

    • Nancy: She [referring to her girlfriend after just having told Roseanne and Jackie she is gay] does makeovers.

      Roseanne: Well she's certainly thorough.

    • Jackie [after Nancy tells her she's gay]: I don't understand. We used the hang out all the time... we went to all those singles dances.
      Nancy: Singles dances?? I thought we were dating!

    • Roseanne: (pointing to Nancy's girlfriend, Marla): Tell me Nancy, how come when you date guys, they look like Arnie, but when you date girls they look like her?

    • Roseanne: I don't want you to get old.
      Bev: I know dear.
      Roseanne: But you're just dragging me along with you!

    • Roseanne: I feel like I'm 16, with an 18 year old married daughter, 2 mortgages and a mother going into a retirement home. I wish I was old enough to drink!

    • Roseanne: Yeah, but Nancy got a free gift.
      Bev: Oh, there was a free gift?
      Jackie: You don't want that free gift mom.

    • Roseanne: They tied old people into chairs in places like that.
      Jackie: Don't screw this up!

    • Jackie: Nancy's gay? Who would've thought?
      She was married to Arnie.
      Roseanne: That explains it, being married to Arnie would make any woman gay.

    • (telling Darlene that Nancy is a lesbian)
      Roseanne: ...well, it's Nancy
      Darlene: No way! Did she tell you?
      Roseanne: No! We saw the "I'm a big ol' dyke" bumper sticker on her car!

    • (After learning that Nancy is gay)
      Bev: Of COURSE she's a lesbian! I'm a lesbian! You're a lesbian! We're ALL lesbians!

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