Season 4 Episode 16

Less is More

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 1992 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Roseanne waiting on an overwhelming number of customers. Bonnie is late, leaving Roseanne to wait on the customers by herself. While waiting on a customer, Roseanne throws her back out once again. She sits herself down and her customers end up getting their things for themselves.
Jackie takes Roseanne to see a doctor about her back. Dr. Dickson enters the office and he explains Roseanne has a muscle problem in her back. When she gets frustrated, he recommends a breast reduction, which will help Roseanne with her back pain. He gives Roseanne some information about the surgery but she is very unsure about doing something so extreme. Jackie tries to convince her to consider the surgery. When Roseanne worries about the cost, she discovers that it is covered by insurance.
On the way home, Jackie and Roseanne discuss the pros and cons of the breast reduction surgery. Roseanne is worried about Dan's reaction. Jackie swears to secrecy and they go inside with the family. Roseanne starts making dinner and everyone goes about life like normal. Jackie gets frustrated and she blurts out that Roseanne was at the doctor's office, which forces her to tell everyone about the surgery. Becky is supportive about the surgery and Darlene lends her support in her own way. Jackie takes the girls to get a pizza so Dan and Roseanne can talk alone. Dan is embarrassed to admit that he is a little worried about how Roseanne will look afterward. He tells her that as long as she will feel better, he will deal with it.
Dan and Roseanne arrive at the hospital. They get her settled into her room. Roseanne tries to get Dan to fool around in her private room but he is uncomfortable with the idea. Roseanne tries to make sure Dan is okay with everything. Jackie, Crystal, Bonnie, and Ann-Marie surprise Roseanne with a cake. The women discuss how men are obsessed with breasts.
Roseanne goes in for her surgery. They put her under and the next thing she knows, Dan is waking her up. She goes to look at her breasts, which are huge. Roseanne screams. She demands to see her doctor and in walks Doogie Howser. Then Dan wakes Roseanne up for real. She is happy with her reduction.
Back at home, it has been awhile since her surgery. It is Roseanne's first day back to work and she rushes the kids off to school. She attempts to get some attention from Dan, who is nervous. The two kiss and Rosanne helps Dan find her breast (which are higher now.)
The episode ends with Tom Arnold discussing the final scene with John Goodman. They play it off as though Tom was locked in his dressing room during Dan and Roseanne's romantic scene.