Season 8 Episode 2

Let Them Eat Junk

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

Roseanne is having a snack at the kitchen table, awaiting Jackie's arrival. She is going to babysit Baby Andy today. As she pours some chocolate syrup into her milk, Jackie arrives, frazzled. She had been driving Andy around for awhile, trying to lull him to sleep.
Roseanne listens to Jackie's instructions, and then is handed a written list of Andy's needs. On the list are foods that Andy may not have, and Jackie had provided a snack bag for the afternoon. She tells Roseanne that if she just sticks with the list, everything will be just fine. Roseanne rolls her eyes. She feels that she has done a fine job raising her brood, so she doesn't need any advice for babysitting from Jackie. The BIG thing on Jackie's list, is no chocolate.
Dan and Dj are going to spend some "quality" time together, to prove that Dan does more with his time than watch television, and drink beer. As they head out, they bid farewell to Jackie, and grab a flattened football to "toss around".
Roseanne tells Andy that "she's gone now, you can quit faking", and he pops up. "That's what I thought". She says the magic words that Jackie told her to say, to put Andy back to sleep, and he stayed awake. She proceeds to try and feed Andy a carrot stick, out of the approved snacks, and he turns away. She then dips it into the chocolate syrup, letting him lick it off. He enjoys the carrot that way. She also lets him have the "Forbidden Oreo", that Jackie stressed was off limits.
Throughout the day, Dan and Dj encounter a trail of accidents, that leave Dj bruised, and sore. As if Dan is beating him into a good time. Dan finds that they really don't have too much in common, and brings him back home.
Jackie arrives to pick her son up, and gives him a hug and a kiss. As she is snuggling him, she smells chocolate, and explodes. The point being, that Roseanne didn't respect her rules enough to follow them for even a few hours. She puts down Roseannes parenting , as she runs down the list of failures of her children. Jackie leaves in a huff.
Days go by, and the sisters do not speak. Roseanne is just as unwilling to see Jackies side, as Jackie is to see hers. When they finally do speak, it is over a spat with Bev. Bev coddles Roseanne after Jackie blows up, and feeds her a bowl of ice cream, to calm her down. Bev tells Roseanne that she has always used food to soothe her, no matter what the issue may have been. Roseanne has a moment of clarity, as she sees the pattern repeating in her own home. She bids farewell to Bev, and calls Jackie.