Season 1 Episode 23

Let's Call It Quits

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 02, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Trouble is brewing at Wellman Plastics Factory. Faber is egotistical, power-hungry and very demanding and is constantly making trouble for the employees who are attempting to meet Faber's impossible quota of 8000 pieces a day. No one can meet this quota and Faber hovers over them with threats of firings every day, which is creating tension. When Faber starts to come down hard on Crystal at lunch, Roseanne steps in and cleans up her work area for her. He hovers over her, insulting her as she cleans up the little pieces of plastic that he is upset with. He compares her to a stubborn cow on a dairy farm. As Roseanne again embarrasses him, he walks back into his office. The gals head down to the Lobo and discuss their unreasonable workload. When the women find out that Wellman isn't the one who sets the quotas, Faber is, they are furious that they are overextending themselves to make him look good. Roseanne is elected to set him straight. Faber gives her a minute to discuss the new 8,000 quota, so she pleads her case. She explains that by lowering the quotas, morale will go up,and productivity will increase. Faber strikes a deal: he will lower the quotas if Roseanne will show him respect. She needs to modify her behavior,and keep it between them. Roseanne swallows her pride and accepts the terms. Back on the factory floor, people are happier at the new 6,500 piece quota. Her attitude is subservient now and her friends are wondering what is going on. Upon arriving home, Roseanne unleashes her fury on the family that she wants to hurl at Faber. Dan tries to cheer her up and she explains the deal that she made with her boss is driving her crazy. Dan advises her to go ahead and quit if she is that unhappy. Roseanne is reluctant; she doesn't want to lose her health benefits for the kids. Jackie is questioning Roseanne's behavior the following day at work, when Faber strolls in and raises the quota right back up to 8,000. Roseanne is livid. She has kept up her end of the deal and he breaks it. He tells her that when he broke her he knew that she was just like the rest if them. They will stay and work no matter what. Roseanne has had it and quits her job. One by one, decisions are made and her friends all punch-out their time cards and quit but not before Roseanne gets the pleasure of telling him "I don't think we are gonna make our quota today, Honeybunch." The episode ends with a toast to Roseanne at the Lobo.