Season 3 Episode 4

Like, a New Job

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 1990 on ABC



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    • Becky: She's just joking, you guys.
      Dana: Duh, Beck. Just relax.
      Roseanne: Yeah, Beck. Duh!

    • Becky: Can we just order now?
      Roseanne: (walking away) Yeah, you'll eat what I give you.

    • (Roseanne gets a waitress job)
      Dan: It sure beats sweeping up at that beauty parlor.
      Roseanne: Yeah, well I figure I still get to work with hair, only now it's in the food.

    • (Roseanne comes home to Becky and Darlene fighting)
      Roseanne: How long have they been fighting like this?
      Dan: Let's see...Darlene's almost fourteen now.

    • Waitress: (pointing to table with two boys who are throwing spoons and spitballs) That's your table, sis.
      Roseanne: They're kinda cute aren't they? You know, I got a couple kids at home just their age. I think I can relate to them. (walks up to table) GET OUT!!

    • Darlene: (on the phone) Hello? Yea! I'd love too. Friday night? Yea, I was hoping you'd call. You wanna buy me dinner? Well gee, what's in it for you? Oh sure I put out. Everybody knows that.
      Roseanne: Darlene, what are you doing?
      Darlene: Oh don't worry mom, he thinks it's Becky.
      Roseanne: Oh, ok.

    • (Becky is standing in front of the TV)
      Darlene: Becky, I can't see.
      Becky: Sorry Darlene, am I in your way?
      Darlene: Well, we got a 19 inch TV, and you got a 25 inch butt.

    • Becky: Just act like you're not my mother, okay?
      Roseanne: Then breast feeding you is out?

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    • This episode's title, Like a New Job, is a play on the title of the previous episode, Like A Virgin. Like a Virgin is alluding to recording artist Madonna's song, "Like A Virgin" (1984).