Season 7 Episode 14

My Name is Bev

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 1995 on ABC
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My Name is Bev
After Bev is charged with drunken driving, Jackie and Roseanne accompany her to a mandatory court ordered AA meeting, where she decides that she is indeed an alcoholic. Later that day, there is a Superbowl party at Roseanne's and Jackie shows up with Bev unexpectedly. Roseanne instructs the house full of people not to drink the full keg that is there, because Bev might be tempted, and then she leaves. After all of Dan's friends leave except Fred & Jackie, Dan takes the party out into the garage, where the keg is, leaving Bev inside alone on the couch.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • I love Roseanne. I really like this episode, and then there's aspects of this episode I don't particularly like.

    It had the makings of being a superb episode. Jackie asking the sergeant if she could get Bev's mugshot in wallet size, Darlene referring to Bev as Drunken' Hines, and Jackie calling her mother non-alcoholic beverage.

    That being said, I really didn't like the idea of Bev being an alcoholic. There was no indication that she could be an alcoholic prior to this episode. She would drink wine such as at Thanksgiving, but if anyone could have been an alcoholic it would've been Nana Mary (kidding). Also, I don't understand why Leon was at the AA meeting. For one thing, the irony in that he would be at the same meeting they all were at. I don't see the point of saying his character is an alcoholic at all. As far as I can remember, there is no other reference to Leon being an alcoholic in the show other than when Becky finds a bottle of liquor at the Lunch Box with a note to Leon from Roseanne saying something along the lines of congratulating him on some amount of time being sober. I also really didn't like Bev being arrested for drunk driving. Why would her conservative character be driving drunk and without explanation. It doesn't fit with her at all. And, finally, I didn't like the idea of Roseanne not wanting anyone to drink around Bev on Superbowl Sunday. I don't like how all Dan's friends end up leaving. I know she wasn't supposed to be there, but she showed up and then all Dan's friends have to leave the house? I know Roseanne's character would push for everyone to now not drink around Bev, but why to the extreme of Superbowl Sunday.

    Yay Roseanne!moreless
  • Beverly winds up in AA after a drunk driving arrest and the whole family must deal with it.

    This episode brings character development for Bev and others of the show. Bev is arrested for drunk driving, and is forced by law to attend Alcoholics Anonymous. Jackie and Roseanne attend the first meeting with her, and at the end Bev has realized she truly is an Alcoholic. This wouldn't be so hard to deal with if Dan and his friends did not drink so much, and also if Super Bowl Sunday wasn't coming up. But to Dan's worries Bev is coming to the Super Bowl Sunday party and Roseanne enforces the rule of no alcohol while Bev is there. Eventually Jackie, Dan, and some of his friends sneak off into the garage to watch the game and drink some beers, but soon they are found out and Roseanne is very angry along with Bev because they were not supporting her like a family should. The episode continues and Roseanne discovers Bev has actually been drinking the whole time.moreless
  • Bev is an alcoholic, and everyone else pays the price.

    Roseanne and Jackie are summonned to pick up their Mom at the jailhouse. Jokes ensue as to what their mom did to land in the slammer. Surprise surprise, Bev had a small car accident, and had to be detained because she had been driving under the influence. As part of her punishment, and before she can get her license back, she must attend AA meetings. At first, she's averse to the idea. After the meeting however, she realises that she is an alcoholic. Of course, hilarity ensues.

    The best part of this episode is that while it doesn't take alcoholism too lightly, it refuses to cut down its humor. The best one liners of the show come in reference to Bev's alcoholism, both from her, and from the other cast memebers. In the end, this episode is both hilarious, and hearty. It showcases the best of the characters, and the writers snappy dialogue and sense of story. Also, the drunken scene involving Fred, Jackie and Dan is worth sitting through the rest of the episode.moreless

    This is one of my favourite episodes of Roseanne. I think the drunken garage scene is even funnier than the bathroom pot scene.

    The way Jackie acts while drunk is HILARIOUS. The way she reacts when she finds out there's only one breath mint is so funny.

    The main plot with Bev in AA is funny too.
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  • QUOTES (21)

    • (a police officer hands the sergeant Bev's mug shots)
      Jackie: Oh my God. Can I get those in wallet size?

    • Bev: (watching the Superbowl) Jackie, that looks like the Bishop boy who used to live up the street from us, do you think it's him?
      Jackie: Yes mother, it's him.
      Bev: I don't remember him being so tall.
      Jackie: He grew.
      Bev: Well his hair used to be longer.
      Jackie: He cut it.
      Bev: No I don't think that's him.
      Jackie: You're right, Mother, it's not.

    • Bev: They told me that my family would want to see me fail, I guess my real family is at AA.
      Roseanne: KEEP GOING HOME, it works!

    • Roseanne: Mom, are you okay?
      Bev: I'm fine, I'm just warning your son about what happens when you drink too much.
      Roseanne: He is what happens when you drink too much.

    • (Baking gingerbread men)
      Bev: I need someone to put raisins in the eyes!
      Darlene: (To Dan) You hold her down, and I'll get the raisins!

    • Bev: It is very sweet of you to spend the afternoon with your old alcoholic grandma!
      Darlene: Yeah, well, Mom mislead me, I thought she meant we would be drinking.

    • Bev: I am an alcoholic, Roseanne. I am one of THESE People!
      Roseanne: C'mon Mom, is this gonna be like that time you saw Witness, and thought you were Amish?

    • (Talking to the AA guests)
      Guest: Well, One Day at a Time!
      Roseanne: And a Welcome Back kotter, to you too!

    • (Entering an AA meeting)
      Bev: This is SO degrading! I don't know why I'm here!
      Roseanne: Let me remind you: GLUG, GLUG, GLUG!

    • (On picking Bev up from jail)
      Roseanne: We've gotta get mom outta there, before they start passing her around like a pack of smokes!

    • Roseanne: Dan is NOT an alcoholic, Mom. Considering the life he leads, I don't think he drinks nearly enough!

    • (Slurring to Roseanne)
      Dan: How can I make you see the importance of SuperBowl Sunday?
      Perhaps the answer will come to me in a dream....(nods off to sleep)

    • (Cheering on Bev)
      Dan: Celebrating five days of not drinking!
      Bev: Your'e all drunk!
      Jackie: Well, Yeah...It's a Party!
      (Bev runs out, crying)
      Fred: Man, she is an UGLY sober.

    • (Bev sees a pitcher of beer)
      Bev: Oh, how unusual, someone's left his crutch on the table.
      Roseanne: Well, mom, let me go order you some of that non alcoholic beer that I used to heat up for DJ's bottles.

    • Roseanne: I have fifty pigs in a blanket, to feed twenty pigs in the living room!

    • Bev: (while watching the Superbowl) Is that Jackson Five boy gonna be singing at the intermission this year? He's wonderful with the children!

    • Darlene: (trying to escape after being forced by Roseanne to bake cookies with Bev.) You told me David and Becky weren't going to be here. You didn't tell me I was going to have to spend the afternoon baking with Drunken' Hines.

    • Dan: Oh man, I thought I heard your mother. Just like those guys from 'Nam who still heard the copters.
      Roseanne: More like the guys from 'Nam who were still in 'Nam.

    • Dan: We can't have your mother here, I got a keg of beer out in the garage!
      Roseanne: Well you better drink it in a hurry.
      Dan: A pony keg? Give me a break, Roseanne, we ain't in high school no more.

    • Jackie: We can't go in there, she's in there!.... Bev!.... Beverage!.... Non-alcoholic Beverage is in there!

    • Roseanne (circling Jackie and Dan): Mom just told me the weirdest thing, she told me that you were all drunk. And I told her that that can't possibly be so because Dan and Jackie know they're not allowed to drink while she's over there, and I also told her they can't possibly be drunk, because if you were drunk, me doing this would make you wanna puke.
      Dan: Stop, please stop.

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    • Bev's reference to the "Jackson Five" boy alludes to Michael Jackson's debut in music with four of his siblings back in the sixties/seventies, the beginning of Jackson's career and the height of the family's fame.

    • The episode title, is an allusion to the way that a person introduces themselves, at an Alcoholic's Anonymous meeting.

    • When Roseanne tells Bev "Come on Dino, Frank and Sammy are waiting in the car", she's referring to the "Rat Pack" which included Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr.

    • While watching the Superbowl, Bev asks "Is that Jackson Five boy going to sing at intermission this year?" This is a reference to Michael Jackson's highly watched halftime performance at the 1993 Superbowl.