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Season 8 Episode 9

Of Mice and Dan

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 1995 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Of Mice and Dan
Dan's old band mates roll on into Lanford to play, and Dan gets a dose of regret, infused with a tad of depression. Roseanne talks to the band, and gets Dan a little stage time, which he takes full advantage of.

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    John Popper

    John Popper

    Stingray Wilson

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    Chandler Kinchla

    Chandler Kinchla


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    Robert Sheehan

    Robert Sheehan


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    Johnny Galecki

    Johnny Galecki

    David Healy

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    John McConnell

    John McConnell


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      • Dan: If you think I'm talented, just say it.
        Roseanne: I think you're talented.
        Dan: You're just saying that.

      • Roseanne: Remember that time you played the county fairgrounds? You rocked that place!
        Dan: That was after I left the band.
        Roseanne: Oh. Then who the hell was I making out with after the show?

      • (Jackie runs out the door in disgusted fear after hearing that what David and DJ are searching for are mice)
        Jackie: (Comes back inside after a minute, even more disgusted) Found em.
        DJ: Really? Cool!
        Jackie: No, not cool...Cats. Lots of cats. It's a killing field out there!

      • DJ: Quick, David. You gotta help me. A couple of my mice got loose and if my mom finds out, she's gonna kill me!
        David: (Unsympathetic) If two little mice live and one little boy is killed, then justice has been served.

      • (DJ tells David that "a couple" of mice have gotten loose.)

        David: How many is a "couple" of mice, anyway?
        DJ: 70.

      • (Roseanne accuses Dan of going through a midlife crisis.)

        Dan: You are making no sense.
        Roseanne: Yes I am, Dan. You are the very same age my dad was when he took up with that mistress.
        Dan: (under his breath) Maybe I should check and see if that mistress is still available.

      • (DJ tries to bribe David so that he won't tell Dan and Roseanne that he's making money off of breeding mice for a research lab.)

        David: Are you trying to buy me off?
        DJ: Eh, you know, Darlene's birthday is coming up. You could probably use, you know, a little extra cash.
        David: I don't need it that bad! I mean, I'll just get her something nice and simple with the money that I do have.
        DJ: Yeah. Darlene's pretty understanding. Remember last year when all you did was give her a ride into the country? Now, exactly how long did it take you to walk back from the country?

    • NOTES (1)

      • John Popper, lead singer of the band, Blues Traveler who appears in this episode wrote and sang the song that serves as the musical backdrop for the introduction to the show used for season 9.

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