Season 9 Episode 6

Pampered to a Pulp

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 1996 on ABC

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  • This is not a good episode at all!!! Where is the laugh, I am curious to know...

    One of the worst episode of Roseanne...I am dissapointed...Roseanne use to be the great show ever, untill I got to this season...from the first episode I thaught they should have ended the show at the season 8.
  • RoXena!

    Roseanne clashes with society's strange ways when she and Jackie come to a health spa, but do anything but as they find themselves painfully waxed, starved, and exercised to death. But things start to look up for Roseanne when she sees a past-life and has a vision of herself as Xena: Warrior Princess. I found this episode quite hilarious. Especially Roseanne's most recent made enemy, a hiking guide with an attitude. I admit to loving this episode partly because I'm a huge Xena fan, but as a Roseanne episode I found it completely hilarious. Go watch it now! Or you'll regret it the rest of your life!
  • Jackie and Roseanne go through the Horrors of a Health Spa

    I laugh my head off everytime I see this episode. Jackie and Roseanne find out how Rich women keep fit and beautiful. It's funny to see how bad the staff treat them. In some ways the episode makes me thankful I don't have to deal with all that. Funny stuff is like them getting the wraps, the massages, the swan shaped apples, and basically all their deals with the staff of the spa. The Zappa brother and sister were very funny as well, especially when he was doing that breathing exercise and stuff with his fingers. The silliest part was seeing how make-overs looked at the end.