Season 5 Episode 5

Pretty in Black

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 1992 on ABC
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Pretty in Black
Roseanne mortifies Darlene with a sweet sixteen party, then sends her off to her friends while the adults enjoy the festivities, which include a game of Truth or Dare; the Tildens move in next door; Darlene dyes her hair black to make Roseanne mad, but is shocked when Roseanne reacts differently.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Roseanne flashes her new neighbour by accident!

    It's Darlene's 16th birthday and she is seriously afraid that Roseanne is having a sweet sixteen party for her. As it turns out, Roseanne's real present is letting her go to the movies with friends. Next, Roseanne and her girlfriends start to play truth or dare, which is where Roseanne accidently flashes her boobs to new neighbour Ty Tilden in one of the most funny moments ever. Ty's two daughters are introduced, with one of them, Molly (actress Danielle Harris known from the 1980's Halloween franchise), flirting with David and trying to connect with an annoyed Darlene,

    Lots of good stuff in this episode, the first one without Lecy Goranson's Becky.moreless
  • Darlene at her finest

    Another episode that needs to be watched. Becky has left the house, but there is time to celebrate--it is Darlene's sixteenth birthday. But for Darlene, it is a time for all things black, and she's coloring her hair, too. There are also new neighbors, including Stacy, a girl that has eyes for David.

    Roseanne plans a surprise party for Darlene, but it turns into Darlene being kicked out of the house for the night and Roseanne and the girls playing Truth or Dare. The game turns raunchy with Roseanne running topless across the yard in front of the new neighbor.

    This was a really good episode, especially considering what was going on in the Conner household. This is also the episode where Roseanne considers becoming a partner in the restaurant.moreless
John Goodman

John Goodman

Dan Conner

Laurie Metcalf

Laurie Metcalf

Jackie Harris

Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert

Darlene Conner Healy

Michael Fishman

Michael Fishman

David Jacob "D.J." Conner

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Conner

Natalie West

Natalie West

Crystal Anderson Conner

Recurring Role

Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris

Molly Tilden

Recurring Role

Wings Hauser

Wings Hauser

Ty Tilden

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Nitpick: When this episode airs in syndication, several bits are cut, surely for time purposes though the last of the cuts was a 2-second deletion:

      1) After telling Charlotte "Okay, that's enough about you", Roseanne continues to say "Come on over here and help us with these cookies" and she sits her down on the couch.

      2) Molly walks through Darlene's room calling for her--on TV the cut goes directly from Roseanne and Charlotte to Molly in the bathroom doorway saying to Darlene, "Hey, your mom's calling you."

      3) During the party when Annemarie comments on the romance fizzling when they've been with their husbands a while, Roseanne says, "More punch?" and Annemarie says, "You know it."

    • On a dare, Roseanne takes off her shirt and bra and runs out to the garage to flash Dan. Upon returning to the house, viewers see a completely topless Roseanne from behind. Ann Marie quickly covers her in a blanket, and immediately shuffles her into the kitchen. When Roseanne sits down at the kitchen table, the blanket slips from her shoulder, revealing a bra strap!

    • Darlene wants a leather jacket, despite her feelings on animal cruelty and vegetarian lifestyle.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Darlene: I'm dying my hair black.
      Molly: Why?
      Darlene: Because I know my mom will hate it.
      Molly: You know what I do when I want to make my dad freak out? I put on my bright red lipstick.
      Darlene: (sarcastically) You rebel.

    • Ann Marie: (directing a question to Jackie in a game of "Truth or Dare") When was the last time you were felt-up at the movies?
      Jackie: It was last night! (gives an embarrassed laugh)
      Roseanne: You went to the movies by yourself last night!

    • Molly: (as Darlene dyes her hair in the bathroom) Hey, what are you doing?
      Darlene: Interpretive dance. (kicks her leg up and back as she hangs her head over the sink)

    • DJ: (pinned by Darlene as she interrogates him about her birthday party) Let me go!
      Darlene: Don't make me shave your eyebrows, again!!!

    • (Referring to her and Arnie)
      Nancy: I was looking for poetry and flowers. Instead, I got limericks and edible panties.

    • Roseanne: Oh, and Darlene, I hate your hair.
      Darlene: Oh, Thanks mommy!

    • Crystal: Oh, Darlene, you look grownup. Look at her, she's got a bossum!

    • Jackie: (talking about Darlene's birthday) Man, her Sweet Sixteen, amazing, ya know, y-you really ought to do something special for her.
      Roseanne: You mean passing her big head through my loins wasn't enough?

    • Darlene: Okay, my birthday's on Friday, I'm turning sixteen, I'm getting my license, can I have a car?
      Roseanne: No.
      Darlene: Ah, it was worth a shot.
      Dan: Way to commit, Darlene.

    • Roseanne: (sarcastically) So, did "Fisherman" dump you, yet?
      Jackie: No, but thanks for asking.

    • Molly: (at the Conner door) Hi, I'm Molly Tilden. My family just moved in next door.
      Darlene: And, you're telling me this because???
      Molly: My dad said the owner gave you guys the keys?
      Darlene: Yeah, they're in the kitchen. Come in. Ah, I'm Darlene; this is David. Every house should have one.

    • David: I'm gonna get a soda.
      Darlene: Oh, there's only one left.
      David: Do you want ice?

    • Darlene: Is she planning a surprise birthday party for me?
      Dan: Who?
      Darlene: My psycho freak of a mother.

  • NOTES (0)


    • A comment was made about the free birthday meal at Lenny's. Which was a commercial, back in the 90's for the restaurant chain Denny's.

    • The episode title is an Allusion to the 80's film Pretty in Pink starring Molly Ringwald.

    • There is an allusion to I Dream of Jeannie. In the scene where Roseanne is disinterested in Jackie's loose meat sandwich, and Dan complains that he's hungry. Roseanne places the completed sandwich in front of him instantly, and Dan thanks "Jeannie."