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  • A great show

    Roseanne is so funny, and somewhat dramatic.
  • The Earliest Seasons Were The Best, Hands Down

    It was the only tv show at the time that was like a real family. The dialogue was real, the problems were real, everything was REAL. until about seasons 8 and 9. Things got really forced then, especially season 9. What was the deal with Roseanne winning the lottery, and DJ almost having sex, and Darlene getting pregnant, and Dan's heart attack? That all should have been avoided. Maybe the show should have ended before it got to that point. Maybe shortly after Becky and Mark eloped would have been a better end to the show than the "revelation" of what "really happened" because it was all just a big mess.
  • Greatest Comedy/Drama of All Time. PERIOD.

    Some parts weren't the greatest but against all other comedies, it really stands the test of time. It beats out a lot of shows even at its worst. I mean -- these people get annoying but you go back for seconds. I adore shows for the people like Sex and the City and Big Bang -- hilarious but also you want to be like those characters. You never want to be like this family, ever... But Roseanne is a testament to American culture and in a true iconic way. We are more American for having seen Roseanne. Doesn't matter whether it is funny or not, or relatable -- I mean, gosh, the household was horrendous. But the show is truly at the core, what it means to be American and chasing the American dream, and sacrificing your life to raise kids (of course the last being a universal statement). I don't know if television would have ever been what it is now without a show called Roseanne. So I thank you ABC for daring to broadcast the show. It is probably the greatest show ever to be conceived -- as opposed to Marriage with Children, it made dysfunction a normal part of life.

    Brfore there were all these reality housewives, there was Roseanne. This show had real life senerios that viewers could and STILL realate to. I love love this show. Roseanne is funny and she keeps it real. 10 stars.
  • Have you noticed?

    Roseanne has a hatred of men when she got control of the show. Dan Conner has become a lazy loser who Roseanne berates and insults. Her son DJ is borderline ***ed and a pervert. Becky's husband Mark is portrayed as stupid and Darlene's husband David is a wimp and totally emasculated by Darlene. As for the other men they are either gay or dull.
  • so believable!

    This show was and still is one of my favorites for a lot of reasons the main one is because it is so real all of the plots I'm able to relate to in some way and look they are a middle class family and a lot of people can relate to that! Plus sara gilbert and roseanne barr are hilarious lol
  • Relatable!!!

    I love this show! When I was younger I couldn't relate to the problems they had but now that I'm out in the real world I can relate to all the struggles they had. This show has thought me that even when times are hard that I shouldn't mope around so now I use a lot of humor just to get through all the hard stuff. The fact that this show can teach you about how to deal with life's problems proves this show was amazing! I love this show and I love watching reruns. I even bought the DVDs. Go watch this show now!

  • You'll get some family and laughs with Roseanne!

    Just like I did! Love, family, civilian life, and comedy!
  • Roseanne is a piece of...

    Crap! How could anyone think this is a good show? Everytime I watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I compare itb to this show and say, "Fresh Prince rules, Roseanne sucks". I basically hate this show because of the plot. They should have a Fresh Prince Marathon instead of this disgrace of a show!
  • Roseanne was a show that hit close to home for many a family and still does in repeats.

    Dan and Roseanne Conner were middle class people who had kids, weren't "cute" but instead seemed more like the kids most parents have.

    The Conners had plenty of problems to no job or too many jobs that either way didn't help pay the bills.

    Absent, flaky, abusive parents or annoying friends/family members or neighbours, they had it all and managed to survive.

    Even when Becky ran off with Mark, or Dan finding out the truth about his mother's mental health, Roseanne was the rock in that family.

    She gave good advice whether you wanted it or not and at the same time was very protective of her family. Roseanne had an answer for everyone and everything. If she didn't she made it up as she went along.
  • The best late 80's/early, mid, and late 90's tv sitcom to watch! It's about the Conner family living in the suburban Lanford, Illinois.

    I was fan of the show for a long time, since it started. I was seven years old and a second grader in grade school, when the show started. I was sixteen years old and a sophomore in high school, when the show ended. I remember watching it, when I was in elementary school, middle school, and high school. I grew up watching the comedy. One of my favorite characters on the show is Rebecca "Becky" Conner-Healy. She is somewhat sensitive. She could be defiant, when she started to date Mark Healy, a rebel, and she eloped with him in the show's fifth season premiere. Her younger sister, Darlene dated Mark's younger brother, Kevin "David" Healy, and married him in the show's eighth season finale in a big wedding ceremony.
  • A combination of comedy and drama, mixed to create a perfect show

    I've only recently starting watching Roseanne and i fell in love with it. I've got my friends hooked on it as well. We can't get over the realistic portrayal of these characters. All of whom represent the hard working working class. The shows is immediately recognisable for its ability to make one laugh and cry in the same episode, same scene, sometimes same line. From the hilarity of the DJ's masturbation to the drama of Becky's wedding, the show walked a tight rope using elements of drama in what is a traditional sitcom, on a soundstage in front of a studio audience. Roseanne and Dan are arguably television's most believable couple. They may yell and argue however one never doubts the love they have for each other.

    Darlene, Becky and DJ each go on their own separate tangent leaving audiences baffled, angry or pleased.

    Jackie is always funny and Laurie Metcalf deserved the three emmy's she won. As for the final season, I understand the frustration people feel, and i have a theory about the final episode. The monlogue Roseanne makes is only a dream and as an audience we're lead to believe that its all true. HEY Its Post-Modernism every opinion is valid.

  • Bring the Show back! It was awesome watcing the family grow up!

    This was a staple of my childhood. I think alot of girls out there can relate to the characters Darlene and Becky. As an adult watching this show, i finally get it. I finally get all the storylines with paying bills, borowing money, finding a job, ans raising children. The fact that i can relate to that and watch a show and laugh about it is awesome! I just wish there was another show like it on today! I get my fix from watching nick at night and we! They should bring the show back and we can see baby Jerry all grown up!
  • A classic show that changed the way the world thinks.

    'Roseanne' is without a doubt one of the most ground breaking shows of all time. It covered subjects that other sitcoms of its time would just swerve away from. What makes it even better is that many of the things in the show are issues that can and do happen in real life. It was a funny and great show and it was a shame it got cancelled. It had a great cast and great storylines, I have absolutely no complaints about any of the episodes, or show all together. It set the bar for some of today's great shows.
  • Roseanne has a good balance of comedy and seriousness. The show has a good set of characters that are easy to relate to. I would highly recommend watching this show.

    While I still do like many shows that always end episodes on a happy note, I love Roseanne because there is a closer resemblance to real life. The show successfully keeps the humor in it's episodes, while keeping things serious and realistic. I think it is a bolder move to end episodes realistically, because happy endings are the easier way to please viewers. Roseanne was written well enough to pull off the realistic endings.

    One of my favorite things about Roseanne is the acknowledgment that families have arguments and problems. Most shows keep everything sugar coated and barely ever show an argument. Most other shows that do show arguments or problems in the family make it only for comedic purposes, with no seriousness to it. The show always found a way to keep humor in episodes even during the most serious matters. It has a good balance, rather than making it too serious or just making jokes over the entire topic.

    The characters are easy to relate to. Each character made a mistake or bad decision at some point in the show, showing that children and adults can both make wrong decisions. I felt that all of the characters are likable and it is easy to see things from anyone's point of view.

    This is one of my favorite shows of all time and I would recommend to anyone that hasn't watched it before to give it a try.
  • This is one of the best shows that TV has ever shown.

    I love Roseanne! It is funny pretty much all the time, of course, there is some drama in the show which makes it even better! For me, personally, this show is alot better than most of the shows that were going on at that time because this show was willing to show life's hardships and ups and downs of it - which is what makes it so freakin awesome! I didnt ever see anything that make me mad or disappoint me throughout the whole nine years that this show was airing. This show along with a few others are my most favorite shows over all the rest!
  • One of my favorite shows!

    This is another show that I really love. This shows deals with problems always involving the entire family that's always funny in some way. This show can provide hilarious comedy with different kind of problems that most TV shows (at least around Nick or Disney) won't talk about in the least.

    I love how the drama that goes on with one person doesn't STAY with that person. As the family really struggles from time to time, somehow they can throw in some humor, even when its not a good time at all.

    Every episode I loved and I never wanted to stop watching this show. Too bad its been moved to late at night now but I stay up later than that anyway. This will always be a show that I love as you can see what the Conners must struggle with throughout their everyday lives.
  • This show is the funniest show I've ever seen - this is my favorite comedy show of all time!

    This show is the funniest show I've ever seen - this is my favorite comedy show of all time! Every episode was funny and the show got better each season! I hope Nick at Night airs it for a long time to come!
    They were all very good actors in the show. I like the original Becky the best though. The girl that played Darlene is a wonderful actress and ofcourse John Goodman and Roseanne Arnold are excellent. I wish they were making new episodes of this show - but the kids would be too old by now! If you haven't seen this show - you should check it out!
  • This show was by far the funniest show on Nick @ Nite for years.

    Roseanne and her family have proved to us all that no family is perfect by continuously making us laugh every night!By watching the mistakes their family made we learned, laughed, laughed again, and grew. This show was very mature and had a joke in almost every scene. It was hilarious. It was definitely worth staying up past my bed time every night to watch this family on Nick@Nite. If only the creator of this show knew how much this show affected me. I still can not get over the fact of how funny this show was. With Darlene and Becky, and Jackie, and the lesbian grandmother, this show was a blast. Funny, hysterical, outrageously hilarious, Roseanne was the prime show of my childhood.
  • Who couldn't relate??

    Growing up watching the show, I could relate to everything that DJ, Becky, and Darlene were going through. Now as an adult, I can relate to everything Dan and Roseanne were going through. This show was in it's prime before Roseanne's plastic surgery. It had everything, sharp wit, humor, serious moments every now and then, and everyone could relate because their zip code wasn't 90210. The show needed to end one season before it did, because the last season was just bad. The show handled issues that no one else would like mental illness, obesity, homosexuality, domestic violence, poverty, teenage sex, masturbation alcoholism, menstruation, drug use, and feminism, while still handling every day family issues like sibling rivalry, money troubles, business failures, and job stress. It's no wonder that Time Magazine ranked Roseanne as one of the "Top 100 Best TV Shows Of All Time."
  • This show has always been one of my favorites.

    Although this show has been out since I was around 12 years old, I can watch it over and over again...I have so many episodes locked into my DVR just so that I can watch them whenever I want. Roseanne is the first show that came out, in my opinion, that told it how it really is for middle-class working families...without all the dramas of divorce, alcoholism and drug addiction. It covers all the topics of modern-day family problems from teenage marriage (eloping, I should say)to children having problems in school, like the episode where Roseanne gets called out of work to go to the school because Darlene is barking in class, or when Dan has to deal with going to the school because DJ brought a comic book to school that Darlene had drawn and edited herself along with David. It enraged a lot of "uptight" people when the Conners allowed David to move into their home to live although he was dating Darlene, but honestly this hpens more than people even know. In my opinion, this show is as real as it gets. Roseanne is hilarious and the antics of everyone on the show make it a classic...Jackie is hysterical when she does her shocked act, like the one when Roseanne has to get her breast reduction and Roseanne refers to her having "small" ones...the best episode with Jackie was when her Dad died and she had to call their aunt and tell her that their Dad had died and the woman on the other end of the line was hard of hearing...hysterical. There isn't a comedy out there today that can beat Roseanne, and truthfully, there really wasn't one before it, either.
  • Lol funny.

    roseanne is a really good show that aired in 1988 its ufnny and can relate to ppls lives quite well. its really rally really funny. i love it love it love it it comes on nick at nit now and hasnt been shown lately though i realy miss it i think there should have been alot lot more to the stroy about becky and mark havuing their baby and all all that that would have been really good.i needed to see their baby imm sure it would have been really cute. I love love love this show. it shouldnt have ended
  • Roseanne was about her- the mother, her husband, Dan, and her 3 kids and eventually 4. This wasnt about the "perfect life" it was based off of real life.

    The BEST show that was ever on television! If you dont like this show, your crazy! It is so funny! People of all ages will eventually get a huge laugh out of it! I started watching it on Nick at Nite but after they stopped airing it i just got the DVDs so now i can watch Roseanne anytime! I also liked this show because all of the episodes all had a different topic. Even though there were some episodes that had two parts to them, i thought those were the good ones because the 1st part's ending usually made you want to watch the second part!
  • Roseanne Rocks!

    What can I say about Roseanne? Its one of the best shows ever! All the episodes are so funny. I was never much of a fan of D.J. Especially after he grew up. He got really annoying and mean. I just dont like him. Darlene Was always my favorite. She was sarcasticly funny. Just purfect. The last episode of the show made me cry so hard! I loved how they made it out to be that Roseanne wrote the whole last season. It was so shocking. I watched it for years before I ever saw the last episode. I thought it was the best way to end the show. Best show. If you haven't seen it, GO WATCH IT!
  • I love Roseanne!

    I'm surprised they don't show this on Nick at Nite anymore. I didn't understand the show at first, but when I continued watching, I found myself laughing at every part and sarcastic joke Roseanne said. The show is about a working class family in Lanford, Illinois, and it shows the problems of poverty, runaways, drugs, and other issues. I like this show more than Home Improvement. It was sardonic, but it was also entertaining. There was always something sarcastic to laugh at in every episode. It's always so hard to make good reviews last 100 words, not that I'm pessimistic or anything.
  • basically my brother watches this show so at first i couldnt care but after a while i couldnt get enough of it the joke and problems facing heaps of families and yet they seem to get the best of their seemingly bad situations so i love it

    basically my brother watches this show so at first i couldnt care but after a while i couldnt get enough of it the joke and problems facing heaps of families and yet they seem to get the best of their seemingly bad situations so i love it
    they have the eldest daughter Becky who is like most teenage girls boy crazy and always trying to look good with boys their parents hate like most parents
    Darlene a tomboy and a complete oppisite to her sister which is why they really like to fight with one another then you have D.J who is like and unlike most boys he likes to bug his sisters and watch tv and loves anything that invoveth death of something
    then there is Dan who is the manof the house bouncing from his bike to his job and still having a good home relationship and finally the star Roseanne who is the glue that holds the family together from bouncingfrom jobs to intruding on her daughters lives to cracking a joke at nearly anything that is said to her so as i said in my summary i love this show
  • Hil-freakin-arious!

    Roseanne is one of my favorite shows that no longer comes on. I watch the reruns over and over again all the time! I think the show is so hilarious! To me the jokes never get old! My favorite characters are Roseanne and Darlene. Roseanne is just absolutely hilarious and funny! I like Darlene because I can relate to her in some ways. We both like sports. And we are both very very sarcastic! She's so funny! Anyways I think Roseanna is one excellent tv show. I will continues watching all the old reruns on Nick @ Nite! It never gets old!
  • Ahh Roseanne and Dan! Who can resist. At first her dry sense of humor can drive one to drink but then you fall for the sense of normallcy and a little of your own family that you see in the Connors.

    This show is relavant to so much of middle America. The struggles of a blue collar family to make it from paycheck to paycheck and still love each other at the end of the day.Roseanne and Dan said it like most of us would like to have or should. One of my favorites. Clever writng. In the end it got weird and sloppy. The earlier years were great as with most great sit-coms. As the children grew and creative minds clashed things changed and it seems like the show ran out of steam. Still it dealt with family topics. A great show if you need a laugh.
  • i loved roseanne. she reminds me of myself. she wasn't the best mother, but she didn't hurt her kids. i loved that they were not the richest people and and how they struggled at life and all it's bump's in the road. I loved jackie too, she was a cool aunt

    I love how they started just a plan old family, didnt teach a whole lot of moral stories, but they were real life things that go on in a small town america. The ending of the series i cried and cried, she ended up poor, and her husband dead. The whole series talked about her writing a book and i just loved the last episode. Jackie was really gay and the kids were with the others husbands, pretty mind blowing, they made you beleive that they were all rich and happy, with no cares in the world and in reality she was even worse off. i loved and i miss the show, i watch all the reruns with my daughter, who also loves it.
  • Roseanne was a wild, and often times trend setting television comedy that hit us at the end of the Golden Age of Comedy, and stayed unto it's untimely demise.

    Bring it back, well, I don't mean that, what I mean is bring back the good old days of comedy, the Cosby's, Roseanne, even the cute and cuddly Full House and the slew of much older shows that served as the foundation of prime time back when my parents were kids and teenagers.

    Roseanne is quite literally the most realistic view of family life yet conceived, there are no cute blonde football playing sons, no perfect boy-worried daughters, no gorgeous, properly dressed wives, and certainly not a sturdy, infallible husband.

    The main character, played by real life actress Roseanne, the shows namesake, is an overweight, bitingly sarcastic, sometimes selfish and then highly selfless, controlling, loud mouthed and at times belligerent but always loving, mother and wife. She is a wonderfully flawed character, just like the viewers at home, she never tries to be perfect, she has insecurities, and hopes, and dreams, she is not a mold of society.

    The husband, a hopeless, Average Joe with a love of sports, beer, and poker. He's a football player who had to give it up, he, despite his height and impressive girth, is deeply insecure about providing for his family, and making them happy. Dan is somewhat tragic in that he had many hopes that never came to be, which is often reflected wordlessly in many scenes, such as his songwriting, poetry, his boat, and his football career.

    The children, Becky, the primpy, snotty popular girl, Darlene, the once-Tom Boy turned gothic expressionist artist and then vegetarian, and finally DJ, once an average kid, then turned into an awkward, dopey young man with a hope for a future in film. They all have good and bad, and none of them are average kids, they all screw up and make mistakes, and do things some might consider deviant, but that's what makes them authentic.

    The sister, Jackie, Roseanne's neurotic, warmly insecure, and even demanding sister is one of the greatest characters in all of television. Impressive is her outbursts of joy, anger, frustration, and even sadness, as well as her need for approval from her domineering and undeniably protective sister in Roseanne. She has many relationships, and many flings, most notably with series Love-To-Hate character Arny, and eventually settles, after much uncomfortable shifting, with the father of her child out of wedlock, though this too did not last, and they parted after a crushing emotional realization.

    The series progresses through the lives of these characters, many side characters make appearances, and have interwoven, real life crisis that our main characters often help resolve, but the main story is always on the above characters. More main characters are added, both Becky and Darlene go through a few boyfriends, Becky finally settles on the much-loathed Mark who she slowly turns into a respectable young man. Darlene, fascinatingly, goes for a weak-willed but highly intelligent, empathetic, and someone effeminate young man in David, both marry their respective partners, but not until after a series of trademark, authentic trials that often challenge the notion of them uniting in holy matrimony.

    Roseanne changes quite a lot through the series, her hair, her face, her weight, but gradually she settles on an image and holds it through the rest of the series. Dan too changes, his hair, facial hair included, his weight fluctuates from portly, to stocky, and into overweight, which leads to his character's unfortunate end.

    Many side characters prove endlessly entertaining and realistic, Roseanne and Jackie's mother, Beverly, is shown to be a secretly-drunk, highly insecure, and socially inept elderly woman. She secretly delights in torturing her daughters with precariously-perched comments alluding to their various failings, often in home life, but also, as with Jackie, in their relationships.

    I won't go on about all of the characters, but needless to say they all add value to the show, there isn't a character that at some point doesn't give something back for their brief appearances throughout a season.

    Though the last season of Roseanne is oft-maligned, I can live with that, the finale, however, shows us how the reality of things are, and tears down all of what we thought happened, including the last season. This is viewed by some as an easy way to push away the somewhat iffy last season, I view it as poetry, knowing the truth about the characters, the differences between their fictitious selves and their real selves, is an eye-opener. There are many, and though I won't spoil them, one happens to be quite tragic, and proves to be a binding point for the strange happenings of the final season not being true. Ending on a note of hope, that for Roseanne's dream of writing, is in my mind, a great way to relay that life goes on.
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