Season 9 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 1996 on ABC

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  • I feel I should write a review for this episode. I can't believe I'm saying this completely, but I feel I need to defend this episode. I wanted to point out a few things for Roseanne fans.

    Okay, so I've watched this episode several times now, and additionally the 9th season, trying to understand what the show and Roseanne were trying to accomplish. There has been a lot of controversy about the 9th season. Roseanne has said that people didn't understand it. I never disliked the 9th season as most do. Of course, it's not my favorite season as what I'd like to think an avid Roseanne fan, in fact I do rank it my least favorite season, but I do like it and respect what Roseanne was trying to do. I think to understand the 9th season you need to watch it as a spin-off of the entire show. I don't think people get it. After watching it now several times as I said, this season (and especially this episode), you have to watch as a dream sequence, or book as it is in this case, as all the episodes after they win the lottery leading up to the series finale are written with that intention in mind.

    This episode, especially, is kinda a joke. In Roseanne's infamous closing monologue of the series finale, she says she was so angry she "felt like a female Steven Seagal wanting to fight the whole world." That's all that this episode is about. It's creative. It's symbolic of Roseanne's reaction to Dan dying interwoven into an episode. I think Roseanne's intending to humorously poke fun at bad movies of past: putting on her fighter clothes (fighting terrorists with hair rollers and tampons), a bunch of male terrorists of different origins all with the same accent who are "women-haters" nonetheless (how much more Roseanne can you get), the family being taken hostage, jumping from a train, the INTENTIONALLY bad fight sequence between Roseanne and the head terrorist on top of the train. It's ALL supposed to be a joke, and is intentionally intended to be bad. This never happened to the Conners. They weren't taken hostage by terrorists. They never won the lottery. Dan never cheated on Roseanne. I agree this episode could have been better. Them traveling with Dr. Bakshi whom they just met when visiting the Wentworths seems a little soft, but it is supposed to be like that. It's not real. Parts of this episode, such as that, could've been done better. Overall, a bad television episode is just that, bad. This episode is intentionally written to be bad, and you can laugh at this episode, even though it may have been written better. Bev says to Roseanne clad in fighter clothes just as she breaks down the door to save them from the terrorists, "Roseanne that outfit is hardly slenderizing." You just need to take this episode in with a grain of salt. You can't just watch it on the surface or it won't make sense. This is NOT the Conner family. Everything is supposed to be a little off as what you're watching is a book Roseanne is writing. The 9th season, and in this case, Roseambo, is a creative symbolic joke interwoven into an episode using the characters of Roseanne you've grown to love.