Season 9 Episode 20


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 1997 on ABC

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  • A decent episode with three different things happening at once; DJ and Heather caught in a romantic moment, Mark and Jackie at a female wrestling match; and Leon & Scott meeting Bev\'s new friend.

    I have a love/hate relationship with this episode. The parts with DJ & Heather, and Jackie & Mark were pretty entertaining, but the scenes with Leon and Scott at Bev\'s house were very boring for me.

    Mark invites DJ to go to a wrestling match with him, but DJ turns him down because he is going to see a movie with Heather. I like Mark in these Brother-that-DJ-never-had roles. He tells DJ to remember a condom, but DJ insists that they aren\'t in that point of a relationship. But after they can\'t get into the movie, they decide to go back to the Conner house, and DJ realizes he should have taken Mark\'s advice, as he scrambles throughout the house trying to find one. But in the end, they make a mature decision and decide to wait, and DJ runs upstairs with a picture of a girl he found in his dad\'s sock drawer (after giving a sly look to the camera, no less.)

    Meanwhile, Mark and Jackie attend the wrestling match, which is actually female wrestlers. They are both very fun in these scenes, with Mark threatening the gigantic Black Widow wrestler, and Jackie getting called into the ring only to have a 4-woman dogpile on top of her.

    The other story is Leon and Scott meeting Bev\'s new friend, Joyce. These scenes are slightly entertaining, but are definitely the worst parts of the episode, and I found my interest slipping during these scenes until it went back to DJ or Mark/Jackie.

    Overall it\'s a decent episode, nothing too ridiculous like some of the episodes in Season 9, but nowhere near the quality of a few years back in the series. It\'s kind of a neat episode because we get to see DJ growing up some more, but other then that it\'s pretty forgettable.
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