Season 8 Episode 3

Roseanne in the Hood

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 1995 on ABC
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Roseanne in the Hood
Roseanne will stop at nothing to crush the competition when a new, more posh eatery -- complete with a salad bar and a drive-through window -- opens up across from the Lunch Box.

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    Pat Harrington Jr.

    Pat Harrington Jr.


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    Johnny Galecki

    Johnny Galecki

    David Healy

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    Sandra Bernhard

    Sandra Bernhard

    Nancy Bartlett Thomas

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    Martin Mull

    Martin Mull

    Leon Carp

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Nancy claims that Pat Harrington, Jr. ("Schneider") directed the series finale of "One Day at a Time".  It was actually directed by Noam Pitlik, who directed 18 episodes of the final season.

      • After breaking into the competition's restaurant, Roseanne finds herself stuck in the kitchen exhaust vent, and Laurie Metcalf, as Jackie, decides to flee the scene. As she turns to leave, Roseanne catches her off guard when she unseeingly almost kicks Laurie in the head. Surprised, Laurie breaks into genuine laughter, and Roseanne, improvising, clamps her legs around her.

      • When Roseanne gets stuck in the air vent at the competing diner you can see a tattoo on her right ankle.

      • Jackie, Roseanne, Nancy and Leon are all discussing the Grand Opening of the restaurant across the street and Leon mentions that it's way nicer than their own Grand Opening was. Leon however; was not involved with the diner until Bev sold her shares to him several episodes AFTER the diner would've had their Grand Opening.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • (Jackie is worried about the new diner opening up across the street. Roseanne assures her that it's going to be okay)
        Jackie: What if we're not? Then what are we going to do?
        Roseanne: Then we'll just dust off the ole g-string and tap dance our way back into America's heart.

      • Roseanne: (when Nancy returns empty-handed after spying on the new restaurant across the street) Nancy, you were sent over there to spy, and, apparently, your cover as a moron was flawless!

      • David: (trying to rework the Lunch Box menu) Mrs. Conner, I know that you want to compete with that restaurant, but you can't have me keep drawing little red hearts next to the Chili Cheese Fries, and call it the "Lite And Healthy" menu!
        Roseanne: You're right, David. So why not draw a cancer-riddled colon? That'll draw 'em in!

      • Roseanne: We don't have to worry about losing customers, Jackie...They need the salt!

      • David: Mrs. Conner, YOU should put a full page ad in the paper.
        Roseanne: Just save the advice David, and keep sitting there trying to grow that "Chia" goatee!

      • David: (hesitantly, when Roseanne wants him to ask her a question from the baby book) Well, ah, are you preparing for lactation by-by toughening your nipples?
        Roseanne: Yes, I, AM! I am using them to grate cheese with!

      • Roseanne: (taking about the new diner across the street that has a salad bar) A salad bar? Well, obviously, they're not from around here. This is a, this is a loose meat kind of a town. We are not some California tofu-eating, Nordic-tracking freaks that wanna live past fifty.

      • (Roseanne has gotten stuck in the vent at the new diner trying to put a fish inside. Jackie suggests turning on the stove which Roseanne is standing on to shrink the metal.)
        Roseanne: It's amazing to have your head stuck in a vent, and still not be the stupidest person in the room.

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Roseanne: (to Schneider when she assumes he wants a free cup of coffee just because he's a celebrity) Well, let me tell you, PAL, this is not Wolfman Puck's, this is the Lanford Lunch Box, and Hollywood-types like you are not welcome here. Not you, not Streisand... not even the great DON KNOTTS!!!
        Schneider: I don't have to take this– I've got Hollywood Squares!

        Roseanne is making several allusions: to Wolfgang Puck, an Austrian-American celebrity chef, restaurateur, and businessman; to Barbra Streisand, an Academy Award-winning singer, actress, composer, film producer and director who is considered the most successful female entertainer in modern entertainment history; and to Don Knotts, a five time Emmy-winning, comedic actor best known for his portrayal of the bumbling deputy sheriff, Barney Fife, in the 1960s television sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show.

        Schneider is making an allusion to The Hollywood Squares, the television comedy and game show originating in the 1960s in which contestants play tic-tac-toe to win money and prizes. The "board" for the game is a 3x3 vertical stack of cubes, each occupied by an entertainer or "star". The celebrities are asked questions and the contestants guess whether or not in they are bluffing, in order to win the game. Pat Harrington (Schneider) was one of many entertainers featured on the program.

      • David: Mrs. Conner, have you seen this book? It's everything you need to know about the baby.
        Roseanne: I don't need a book. I watch Kathie Lee... All I want is a book to teach my kid to kick her Cody's ass!

        Roseanne is making an allusion to singer/actress, Kathie Lee Gifford, famous for her stint on the 1980-1990's television talk show, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, where millions of viewers watched her descriptions of life at home with her sportscaster husband and their two children, Cody and Cassidy, even though being gently ridiculed for constantly talking about her family on the air.

      • David: (making a suggestion on how to draw customers into the Lunch Box) Mrs. Conner, YOU should put a full page ad in the paper.
        Roseanne: Just save the advice, David, and just keep sitting there trying to grow that "Chia" goatee!

        Roseanne is making an allusion to the "Chia Pet", a brand of collectible animal figurines manufactured by Joseph Enterprises, Co., and made popular in the 1960's. "Chia Pets" are grown by applying moistened seeds of chia to the grooved, clay figurine body. The mossy-like germinating seeds are meant to resemble the "fur" of the animal.

      • Roseanne's line "they put one of our guys in the hospital, we put one of theirs in the morgue" is an allulsion to the 1987 movie The Untouchables where Sean Connery's character, Malone, told Kevin Costner's character, Elliot Ness, the same thing regrading Al Capone.