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Season 9 : Episode 24

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  • Happy Birthday
    Episode 24
    Roseanne, although only turning 37, feels like she's hit the end of the road in her life. Always wanting to be a writer, Roseanne wishes this Birthday that she had more time to jot down her thoughts. Dan and the kids surprise Roseanne with her own small writing studio.
  • 5/1/90
    In an attempt to bond with their daughters, Dan goes clothes shopping with Becky, and Roseanne watches basketball with Darlene.
  • April Fool's Day
    Episode 22
    It's tax season and Roseanne and Dan are contemplating how they can make the process easier. Dan stresses out as he cannot figure how to fill out the tax document. Roseanne tries her hand at the package but ends up traveling to the IRS office with Dan.
  • Fender Bender
    Episode 21
    Roseanne's station wagon is hit by a luxury car that belongs to the rich Mrs. Wellman. Roseanne gets a slight injury from the incident and soon realizes that this is her chance to get some money out of Mrs. Wellman.
  • To Tell the Truth
    Episode 20
    Roseanne's meddling results in silence between the sisters, but Jackie has exciting news to share.
  • All of Me
    Episode 19
    Roseanne doesn't share Jackie's enthusiasm for the exciting new man in her life.
  • I'm Hungry
    Episode 18
    Roseanne and Dan get to the point of no return when they realize they need to loose some weight. Roseanne takes charge and makes a point to put strict restrictions on what the two should and should not eat. Roseanne must put aside the temptations.
  • Hair
    Episode 17
    Crystal recommends Roseanne for a job at the beauty shop that she frequents, doing the same tasks that she does at home for free. Roseanne is hesitant, but once interviewed, is persuaded into the position by the shop owner. After a short time on the job, she is given a raise, and more responsibility.moreless
  • Born to Be Wild
    Episode 16

    Dan and Roseanne's old biker buddy shows up in Lanford and saves the Conners from their rut.

  • 1/23/90
    Roseanne is heading to visit her parents once again in Moleen. Jackie steps in as substitute mom and dazzles Dan with her housekeeping skills. Jackie is surprised to learn how Dan really thinks of her and that he remembers the first time they met.
  • One for the Road
    Episode 14
    Dan and Roseanne aren't home, but Becky is in charge. She invites her friend Dana over to do homework, and soon they need a break, and a drink from the Conner bar. Becky whips up a few 'Tornados' and the girls get drunk. A hung-over Becky is left to explain herself when Dana's mother comes asking questions the following day.moreless
  • Chicken Hearts
    Episode 13
    Roseanne strains to treat her 17-year-old boss with respect so she can have weekends off to be with her family.
  • No Talking
    Episode 12
    Becky is tired of being treated like a child. Roseanne feels the need to intervene.
  • Lobocop
    Episode 11
    The Conners' romance suffers when Roseanne takes a second job to make ends meet.
  • 11/28/89
    Darlene writes a poem in class that wins teacher recognition, and is asked to read it at an assembly in front of the parents and student body. Roseanne is so pleased that Darlene can write, and she is excited to go to the assembly. Darlene chooses not to go, opting to spend the evening at home with Dan, watching the game. Roseanne puts her foot down, and they go to the assembly, where Darlene strikes an emotional chord with all.moreless
  • We Gather Together
    Episode 9
    On Thanksgiving Day, Jackie finally spills the news of her new job to her mother. The two of them end up the main event in a series of bickering and snickering that flows through the holiday feast. After everone is finished eating, and complaining about everyone else, Dan gets a huge shock, when he finds his father romancing Crystal.moreless
  • Sweet Dreams
    Episode 8
    Roseanne tries to get a few minutes of relaxation in the bathtub, but she ends up getting constant interruptions from her family, and a fantasy about two hunks.
  • BOO!
    Episode 7
    Roseanne celebrates Halloween. Roseanne and Dan compete to see who is the spookiest. Roseanne tries to bring the spirit of Halloween to Becky.
  • Five of a Kind
    Episode 6
    A poker night becomes interesting when Roseanne receives a kiss from Dan's friend Arnie. Roseanne speaks to Jackie about the kiss and she later finds out it was just a friendly kiss.
  • House of Grown-Ups
    Episode 5

    Roseanne feels abandoned when Jackie leaves for the police academy.

  • 10/3/89

    A lonely architect has dinner at the Conners' and tries to buy their friendship.

  • 9/26/89
    Roseanne gets her hopes up when she is referred by a friend for an office job, that would allow her to quit the telemarketing job that she hates. After a quick interview, she lands the job--But the celebration is short lived, when the offer is revoked due to her lack of computer knowledge.moreless
  • The Little Sister
    Episode 2
    Jackie takes umbrage at Roseanne's remarks about her career ambitions when she reveals that she has enrolled in police academy; Becky gets caught reading Dan's girlie magazine.
  • Inherit the Wind
    Episode 1
    Roseanne tries her hand at telephone solicitation while trying to console Becky who had an embarrassing accident in front of the school council. Just as her speech was wrapping up, she broke wind. The whole school is talking about it, especially Darlene. Becky is mortified, and Roseanne tries to comfort her.moreless
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