Season 8 Episode 1

Shower the People You Love with Stuff

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

The conner's are busy preparing for the birth of Roseanne's fourth child. Becky and Darlene are asked to paint their old bedroom, the baby's new nursery. Jackie is asked to return the baby items that Roseanne had given her when Andy was born. When Jackie laments that Andy is still sleeping in the crib, Roseanne decides to give it to her, and purchase a new one. They head off to shop for a crib at an expensive baby store. Upon arrival, they start to look at the cribs, and choose the ones they like. All of the cribs are very expensive, so they devise a plan. They decide to register Roseanne at the store for her baby shower, for the sole purpose of returning all merchandise for store credit. She would in turn use the store credit to buy the expensive crib. The two of them start a long list of things that she "needs" for the baby.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Darlene is irate. She spent most of the day working on the nursery alone. She hands off the duty to Becky to finish. The two are arguing, when Roseanne arrives back home. She tells them that they are no longer in charge of painting the room. They are reassigned now, they need to plan a baby shower. Becky is hesitant, but Darlene says that it is no problem, they will work as a team. As soon as Roseanne leaves the room, Darlene informs her that she is not interested in participating in the shower plans or preparation at all.

Almost all of Lanford shows up to the baby shower, to get as many gifts as possible. Bev had invited a lot of her friends from the Senior Center, and the usual group of friends were all in attendance.

Becky planned and instituted the entire affair. She and Darlene fought the entire time. As she is preparing the fruit punch in the kitchen, Roseanne walks in, an tells her to speed it along.

Roseanne announces that it's time to open the gifts now. She quickly rips through the paper, asking each person where it was purchased. The guests had all either handcrafted their gift, or it was a unique treasure, such as a zodiac chart. Leon comes running through the living room, halfway through the shower, with a gift bag. He tells her that the receipt is in the bag, he knows the drill.

The girls are at each others throats by this point, Darlene is taking credit for everything that Becky has done on her own. They head upstairs to continue their arguement in their room. Just as Roseanne walks in, they have each other in a headlock, fighting away. She separates them, and demands to know what the problem is. As they both start to yell again, Roseanne quiets them. She tells them that she will always be their mom, but that she can't handle all of the little girl problems any longer. She will continue to be there for all of the adult issues, but if they want to fight like kids, she will have DJ handle the situation.