Season 8 Episode 1

Shower the People You Love with Stuff

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 1995 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Lecy Goranson returns to take back over the role of Becky in this episode after an approximate three year absence. She originally left the show to attend college. Sarah Chalke had taken over the role of Becky in her absence. Lecy Goranson appears throughout the duration of this season except for the 2 episodes revolving around Disney World and the episode depicting Darlene and David's wedding. She could not appear in those episodes due to conflicts with school and as it was important for the character of Becky to appear in these episodes, Sarah Chalke was brought back on to reprise the role for those respective episodes. Sarah Chalke picked back up the role of Becky in the 9th season and played the role for the remaining duration of the series.

    • In the new computer animated introduction used for season 8, the character of Becky jokingly morphs from a picture of Lecy Goranson to a picture of Sarah Chalke back to a newer picture of Lecy Goranson. Lecy Goranson had returned for this 8th season after leaving the show approximately 3 years to attend college. Sarah Chalke had taken over the role at a point in the 6th season.

    • This eighth season the introduction used is now a computer animated version centered in the kitchen which scrolls through each character morphing their previous looks and styles over the years of the show. Prior seasons, the well-known introduction always featured the family around the table, camera circling around the table. Four different versions of this introduction were used prior to this look-back introduction.

    • The tag (end of the show) of this season 8 premiere jokingly features the two Beckys: Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke, in a play off of the theme song from The Patty Duke Show. This is referencing the return of Lecy Goranson as Becky this season. The "Nearly Identical Beckys" skit was removed from several DVD releases for musical reasons, but is present on the German season eight set.

    • In the episode "Maybe Baby" Dan was worried about painting the crib in case he and Roseanne received bad news about the baby. This episode shows Roseanne planning a baby shower so she can get a new crib.

  • Quotes

    • (Darlene and Becky are fighting. They pull each others hair.)
      Roseanne: Hey Hey Hey. Knock it off. If you guys can't do your braids nicely then don't do them at all.

    • Jackie: Oh man I wanted one of these: a wiper warmer. This keeps the little baby wipes warm.
      Roseanne: What's a baby wipe?

    • (Becky demands Darlene help paint the nursery)
      Darlene: Allright, I'll do it after I finish my book.
      Becky: How far along are you?
      Darlene: (reading) "Call me Ishmael."

    • Bev: (about the baby shower) Roseanne, you asked me to invite all my friends, and, so far, you haven't said one word to them.
      Roseanne: Well, can I pick the word?

    • Roseanne: (to Becky, preparing for the baby shower) Well, I always found the best way to make fruit punch is to, ah, put in a carton of fruit punch and add ANOTHER carton of fruit punch.

    • Darlene(responding to Roseanne's hug) : When she hugged me, I knew true fear.

    • Song Played During CODA:
      Meet Lecy the one you used to see
      From eighty eight to ninty three
      But Sarah came and took her place
      Because she had a similar face
      That's life on TV

      But they're Beckys
      Nearly identical Beckys all the way
      One pair of matching actors
      But only one part to play

      Where Sarah loved that dopey Mark
      And wound up in a trailer park
      Our Lecy shouts and Lecy squeals
      She wants a house thats not on wheels
      What a crazy pair

      Still they're Beckys
      Nearly identical Beckys and you'll find
      they walk alike, they talk alike
      Abrubtly leave the show alike
      You could lose your mind
      When Beckys ain't two of a kind

    • Darlene: (to Becky who wants to help paint the nursery) You're used to laying on your back, why don't you start with the ceiling?

    • Roseanne: (to actress Lecy Goranson who reprises her role as Becky in this episode) Where in the hell have you been?
      Becky: Don't yell at me, Mother, I was getting this. (holds out a cloth for the nursery)
      Roseanne: Well it took you long enough; seems like you've been gone for three years.

    • Darlene: Where have you been?
      Becky: (laughing as this is Lecy Goranson's first appearance on 'Roseanne' since being on hiatus) Why does everyone keeping asking me that?

  • Notes

    • This episode marks Natalie West's final appearance as Crystal. She would, however, be referred to in 'Direct to Video' and 'Fights and Stuff' later this season.

  • Allusions

    • In this episode the return of Lecy Goranson as Becky is humorously alluded to twice. The first time by Roseanne, and yet again later, by Darlene. Lecy Goranson left the show in the 5th season for approximately 3 years in order to attend college. Sarah Chalke took over the role at a point in the 6th season in her absence. In this 8th season premiere, Lecy Goranson returns to take back over the role.

      (Becky enters D.J.'s old room)
      Becky: (referring to a drop cloth) Here Dad. It's all I could find. (audience cheers)
      Roseanne: Where in the hell have you been?
      Becky: Don't yell at me mother. I was getting this. (referring to the drop cloth she is holding)
      Roseanne: Well it took you long enough. Seems like you've been gone for 3 years.

      (Becky enters the service porch.)
      Darlene: Where the hell have you been?
      Becky: (laughs) Why does everyone keep saying that to me?

    • Dan: (to Roseanne who's just spouted off because Jackie teased her about pregnancy hormones) Hey, Honey, remember? You like Jackie. (animatedly patting her arm to calm her) Jackie good!

      Dan is making an allusion to the manner in which Professor Frankenstein (Gene Wilder), a descendant of Dr. Frankenstein, spoke to and treated the Monster (Peter Boyle) in the 1970's Mel Brooks horror spoof, Young Frankenstein.

    • Roseanne: (telling Jackie how long the girls have been at odds with each other) No, they've been fighting all week. There's been nothing but trouble ever since Becky dipped her chocolate in Darlene's peanut butter.

      Roseanne is making an allusion to "Reese's Peanut Butter Cups", the top selling candy bar in the United States produced by the Hershey Company. In the 1970's, they were well-known for an ad campaign which involved one person eating chocolate colliding with another eating out of a peanut butter jar.

    • DJ: (lecturing Darlene and Becky the way Roseanne use to when they were younger) Now, I don't want to hear a peep out of either one of you during The Love Boat.

      DJ is making an allusion to The Love Boat, a 1970's Aaron Spelling TV series set on a cruise liner called the Pacific Princess whose passengers and crew had romantic and funny adventures every week.

    • The title of this episode is an allusion to "Shower the people you love with love", lyrics taken from the James Taylor song, Shower the People(1975).

    • The humorous ending of this 'Lecy Goranson returns' episode was a clever imitation of the opening theme song of "The Patty Duke Show" (1963-1966), in which the tallented Patty Duke played twin cousins, Patty Lane and Cathy Lane. In the "Roseanne" segment you even see a brief glimpse of veteran TV actor, William Schallert who had played Patty's father and Cathy's uncle. He is seen smiling with John Goodman toward the end. (See the text of the "Rosanne" satire of the original theme above in the quotes section)

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