Season 9 Episode 5

Someday My Prince Will Come

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 1996 on ABC

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  • The beginning of the end.

    This is the episode where the rot set in. While the idea of an ordinary family winning the lottery might set up several interesting story lines without destroying the realism of the original concept, the introduction of a prince from Moldavia is taking it too far. It's a plot for 'I Love Lucy' (or 'Dynasty') and a waste of good characters, who all become extremely one-dimensional, basically excuses for jokes. It's painful to see Laurie Metcalf being forced to turn a realistic character into a sitcom stereotype. Notice that John Goodman and Sara Gilbert do not appear in this episode. How lucky they were.
  • A freakin awesome episode! One of my main favorites for Roseanne.

    One of the main things i liked about Roseanne is when they traveled places. Which is why i really really like this one. I really liked the part when they were on the plane to go to New York City which is the place where Prince Carlos's favorite eating place is. I also liked the part when they were at that restaurant and Leon gets in the spot to get a picture of Carlos and Leon dancing together. lol. And, a funny part was when Leon commented on Prince Carlos being the only straight man to get away with wearing purple. That, i thought was really funny! This is in my Definite Top 5 Favorites of the Ninth Season. It is definitely an episode that is worth watching.
  • Better then I expected for the 9th season.

    I have only seen a handful of episodes from the last 3 seasons of the show, so after hearing so many bad things about Season 9, I was pleasantly surprised when this episodes actually got me to laugh out loud a few times.

    Despite the jokes being mostly corny, there was some good comeback lines from Roseanne, I laughed out loud when Leon asked her to dance, and she says, "I was hoping you'd never ask!" Martin Mull was especially funny in this one, I enjoyed him cutting in on the Prince's dance with Jackie, and having their picture taken, and then running off the dance floor! :)

    I thought the Prince Carlos character was OK. Pretty corny, but he did have a certain charm and the Home Movies scene was entertaining.

    However, on the other side of the sword... This episode, while fairly entertaining, was fairly bland. There were lots of scenes in several different locations, but they were all mostly very short. Also, I thought that it was kind of pointless for the rest of the cast to be there. DJ, Mark and Becky only had a handful of lines, and Bev was really only used in the episode's tag (which was pretty cool.) But they could have had it just be Roseanne, Jackie, and the Prince going to New York and I don't think it would have had much impact on the episode.

    I thought they tried to fit too much into this episode, perhaps they should have gone for a two-parter with this, but I thought there wasn't much substance, and the time between Prince Carlos introducing himself, and Jackie saying she thinks she is falling in love with him was much too short, there wasn't a whole lot of character development for the Prince.

    Ah well, I've seen a lot worse on the show.
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