Season 5 Episode 9

Stand on Your Man

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1992 on ABC

Episode Recap

Opening day at the newest diner in Lanford, the Lunch Box brings many surprises as well as excitement. The ladies spend the day welcoming customers, and earning their first dollars.
As closing time nears, Roseanne attempts to get all of the customers cleared out, and the remaining straggler is a man set on a cup of coffee. At first, Roseanne tries her usual smart-mouth response, but he quickly turns the tables on her when he grabs her by the collar for a long stare-down.
A ringing phone brings them both back to reality, and he releases her, and walks out of the diner. Roseanne quickly locks the door behind him, and catches her breath. Meanwhile, Dan shows up to see what the hold up is, and Roseanne tells him what happened. Dan gets protective, and starts to show up at the diner, to make sure that the ladies are safe.
Talking amongst themselves, the ladies decide that they need to close up in pairs, and also need to take a self-defense course.
Arnie breezes into the picture at the interrupting the lesson to try and get Nancy to give him another chance. After a list of no's, Nancy reveals that she is now attracted to women. To which Arnie replies that he really doesn't mind, as long as he is kept in the loop.
Since he has shown up during Nancy uses her new tool, of shouting 'NOOOOOOO!' to get rid of him. He leaves, defeated.
Back inside, the defense is heating up, as Roseanne is taking on the assailant, kicking him into submission, and then some. Later that night at home, Dan wonders what Rosie has learned, so she tells him. He laughs it off, until she 'pecks' him in the eyes...and the scene fades to black.
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