Season 5 Episode 9

Stand on Your Man

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1992 on ABC

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  • After a frightening encounter with a creep at the diner, Roseanne decides to take a women's self defense course with Jackie and Nancy. Meanwhile, Arnie is back in town and is trying to get Nancy back.

    Season 5 was full of great episodes, and this is one of them. The diner scene showed Roseanne's masterful ability to mix humor and seriousness. Steve Jones, of the Sex Pistols, makes a cameo appearance as the weirdo who confronts Roseanne as the diner. I wonder how many people recognized him. :)

    Lots of laughs in this one though, I think this is the funniest that Tom Arnold was on the show, the totally dumb, oblivious Arnie. I always laugh at the poker scene, when he flips out at Ty Tilden for saying he has a "straight". Also, Roseanne's "Nancy is a lesbian, and we have a new LensCrafters." line is a classic.

    The self defense class scene was also funny, I loved the look on Roseanne's face when the teacher pokes the guy in the eye socket. And of course, the last scene with Dan, "Is that a chicken?" The tag shows Arnie in the spaceship with the aliens that kidnapped him before, and they reprimand him for not getting the woman back for breeding. Michael Fishman then makes an out of character appearance, and refuses to leave because he didn't have enough scenes that episode. I laughed pretty hard at that.

    This is a great episode, I hope everyone gets to see it at some point, and if you don't have the Season 5 DVD yet, this episode is just one among many great ones that make it one of the top seasons of the show.