Season 5 Episode 9

Stand on Your Man

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1992 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the CODA, Tom Arnold steps out of his role as Arnie to speak with Michael Fishman aboard the spaceship that has kidnapped Arnie. Tom asks Michael if he has seen his new show The Jackie Thomas Show.

    • Roseanne lifts a phone from under the counter at the "lunch box" to make a phone call. You can clearly see there is no cord plugged in.

  • Quotes

    • Roseanne: (to Dan) Get me a beer. And when I'm done I'll let you crush the can.

    • Roseanne: See that sticker over there on the door? "This premises protected by the Lantron Security Alarm Systems."
      Dan: Where'd you get that?
      Roseanne: I stoled it.

    • Roseanne: Darlene, take this and get some napkins.
      Darlene: I can't buy napkins with 50 cents.
      Roseanne: Sure you can, you go to that chicken joint and order a soda, and then steal all their napkins.
      Darlene: Anything else I can get you? Spoons, forks, a chair?

    • Roseanne: Well, Arnie, a lot of things have changed in this town since you left.
      Arnie: Oh yeah, like what?
      Roseanne: Well, Nancy is a lesbian, and we have a new lenscrafters.
      Dan: Woah, woah, ...come again?
      Roseanne: That's right Dan, contact lenses and glasses in less than an hour!

    • Dan: Have you considered getting a gun for the diner?
      Roseanne: Oh, there's a great idea. A loaded gun in the same room as my mother and my sister. What if they miss eachother and kill a customer?
      Dan: Then they'll have to reload.

    • (Watching a karate instructor break boards with his head)
      Roseanne: God, buy a saw.
      Karate Instructor: With a mouth like that, you need self defense.
      Roseanne: Normally I'd get offended at that, but I'd hate for the last thing I ever see to be his forehead coming at me.

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