Season 4 Episode 2

Take My Bike ... Please!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

Roseanne is tired of working two jobs. She wants more help around the house, and a family meeting is called. The girls are not too happy about the meeting, but gather around the kitchen table. Dan tells them that times are hard right now, and help is needed from all family members at this time.

Each of the girls are assigned new duties, and Becky is placed in charge of the house while Roseanne and Dan are at work. Darlene objects, but is quickly over ruled. Roseanne informs Darlene that she better make sure that D.J. eats his dinner, and does his homework. She will be weighing him, to make sure that he is being fed. Becky is in charge of all errands, and grocery shopping. Darlene is responsible for the cooking and dishes.

Roseanne is complaining to Dan that she needs a break, and that she is just too tired. Dan tells her that she can quit the bike shop, if she sells a bike. That is all the motivation she needed, and she became determined to sell a bike at any cost.

Jackie has taken a job as a "squirt girl" at a department store, and she loathes it. She has to randomly find people to squirt a sample of perfume on, and most find it a nuisance.

At the shop, Roseanne is trying every angle to make a sell. Nothing is working, when in walks Jackie. An accountant who's wife left him was circling a nice bike, when Jackie and Roseanne try to convince him to go for it. They set up a scenario, where he is flying down an open road, with Jackie on the back. Roseanne lets him know that by buying that motorcycle, he would really be making his ex wife crazy, he bought the bike.

Meanwhile, tensions are rising at home,the girls are getting on each other's nerves, trying to keep up with all of the house duties. Becky complains that she expects a hot meal after a hard day's work. Darlene shoots back with a sarcastic remark, as Dan and Roseanne stand on the back porch, watching and listening. As soon as they are noticed, they are dragged into the mix. Roseanne insists that those problems are theirs to figure out, and act like they are taking off again.