Season 4 Episode 2

Take My Bike ... Please!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 1991 on ABC

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  • Roseanne wants out of her job at the Bike shop, and Dan doesn't want her to quit until she sells a bike, but Roseanne finds it to be harder then she thinks. Meanwhile the home is falling apart without Roseanne there to keep order.

    This is another one of my favorite episodes, which has Roseanne very stressed out from working 2 jobs. She knows the house is falling apart without her there, and so she tries to make Darlene and Becky take charge, but knowing it won't work, she tells Dan that she has to quit working at the bike shop. Dan says she'll have to sell a bike so he can hire another person before she can quit.

    Roseanne agrees, but finds it a lot more difficult then she first thought. She ends up practically begging people to buy a bike, but eventually nabs a sale with the accountant, Art (who becomes the Conner's accountant in a few later episodes.) So she is able to quit the job.

    At the home, Darlene and Becky are constantly arguing, but eventually they learn to deal with it themselves instead of going to Roseanne, which Roseanne is pleased with.

    The end of the episode has a nice scene with Roseanne and Dan realizing that they have been neglecting DJ, and they first act a little stern about it, but quickly turn around and apologize to him, and promise to spend more time with him (but not before forgetting him again! :) )

    This is a fun episode, and one of the last before Darlene changes into the more dark, brooding character that she is for the good part of the 4th season (well, sort of the rest of the series actually..)

    Make sure to check this one out.