Season 4 Episode 10

Thanksgiving '91

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

This episode begins with Roseanne, DJ, and Becky working together to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Darlene walks in, depressed as normal. Becky wants Darlene to make the fruit salad. She throws fruit in a bowl and heads upstairs. Roseanne sends Dan out to get the table out of the garage. In walks Jackie with Roseanne's famous "homemade" pies from the store. Jackie heads out even though Roseanne doesn't want her to go. Darlene announces she will not be celebrating Thanksgiving with the family.
Crystal and her kids are over for dinner. Bev and Nana Mary arrive. Roseanne's father isn't with them. Bev tells Roseanne that he is sick so he didn't come. Dan offers the women a drink and Jackie enters. She tells her mother how happy she is with her life right now, which Bev hardly acknowledges.
Jackie goes up to Darlene's room to escape her mother. Darlene is reading a book. Jackie keeps talking so Darlene offers her a book. She chooses "A Cat in the Hat."
Crystal is on the phone with Ed who is talking dirty to her. Dan takes the phone and makes a joke about it. Nana Mary, who has put her fair share of alcohol away, gives Bev some crap about how much she is drinking. No one wants to sit at the kids table, so they make room at the table for everyone except DJ who is stuck eating alone. Jackie keeps trying to call their father. After several times of not answering, Jackie and Roseanne get concerned. They ask Bev what is going on but she keeps avoiding the question. She wants to discuss it after dinner. When Roseanne and Jackie keep pushing, she admits that their father is spending Thanksgiving with his girlfriend. Then she leaves the room.
While eating dinner, Bev keeps talking to avoid an unpleasant conversation. Becky in annoyed because Mark chose to have TV dinners with his friends rather than come to dinner at the Conners. All during dinner, Lonnie act like an obnoxious brat. He storms away from the table. Crystal gets upset and leaves the table. Dan follows her. DJ asks to be excused, leaving Nana Mary, Roseanne, Bev, Jackie, and Becky in the kitchen to clean up. Bev makes an excuse to leave the room but Roseanne isn't having it. She makes her mother sit down to tell them what is going on. She explains that her father met another woman. Roseanne insists that Bev throw her father out. Jackie says there are two sides to every story. Becky grows uncomfortable so Roseanne sends her out of the room. Bev admits that the affair has been going on for several years. Roseanne grows angrier and angrier because her mother isn't standing up for herself. Roseanne wants go call her dad and give him a piece of her mind. Bev tells her to mind her own business. Nana Mary tells Roseanne that they have to let Bev handle the situation on her own…although she isn't very happy about it either.
Lonnie is upstairs pestering Darlene. Dan comes upstairs to let Lonnie know that Crystal is leaving. He ends up putting Lonnie in his place. He tries to talk with Darlene, even inviting her to a movie. She shoots him down. Nana Mary comes up and Dan leaves. Nana Mary talks to Darlene who opens up a bit to her great-grandmother. She admits to her that she doesn't even know what her problem is.
Crystal and the kids say goodbye to everyone. Nana Mary and Jackie leave together as she is staying with Jackie. Bev is staying the night with the Conners. The telephone rings. It is Roseanne's father and he wants to talk to her. Roseanne doesn't say anything to her father-to her mother's relief.
The episode ends with Roseanne sitting in the kitchen drinking a beer. Darlene comes in and she and Roseanne talk about Grandpa Harris' infidelity. Roseanne says she isn't doing Thanksgiving next year. Roseanne offers Darlene a plate of food and she turns it down. It's a good thing because Roseanne already ate it. Darlene asks how her mom is doing with quitting smoking. Roseanne tells her that she ate Darlene's pie too.