Season 7 Episode 24

The Birds and the Frozen Bees

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 10, 1995 on ABC



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    • Darlene: (sniffing David) Are you wearing cologne?
      David: No, I just ate a cough drop.

    • (Roseanne's cooking dinner. Dan enters the kitchen just getting home from work.)
      Dan: Whoa. That smells... well it doesn't smell good, but it sure is big.

    • (Darlene has just revealed to Roseanne that she still has feelings for David. David comes in and says he has a date that evening)
      David: Mrs. Conner could you recommend a good restaurant I could take my date to?
      Roseanne: I'm not your pimp David.

    • (Roseanne, Jackie, and Darlene are watching the O.J. Simpson trial)
      Darlene: Has bored to death ever actually happened?
      Roseanne: Don't pretend like you're not into it Darlene. Why else did you get that Marcia Clark haircut?

    • (D.J. replies that he's the one freezing bees)
      Darlene: Quick question freak boy. Why?
      D.J.: So I can thaw them out.
      Jackie: Didn't they come thawed out?

    • Jackie:(referring to D.J. unfreezing a bee)He's just gonna bring it back to life?!That's like playing God!
      Darlene:Oh yes,I'm sure God was just thrilled with that comparison.

    • Jackie: Is there any juice?
      Darlene: Yeah, but it's frozen, and it's on a stick.

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