Season 7 Episode 20

The Clip Show: All About Rosey (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 01, 1995 on ABC
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The Clip Show: All About Rosey (2)
The "Sitcom Moms Welcome Wagon" visits Roseanne, and she is flocked with advice and finger pointing good times as she remembers past episodes in her kitchen. Moms from 'Leave it to Beaver', The Wonder Years', The Jeffersons', and more blasts from the past join in on advising Roseanne on proper television etiquette.moreless

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    June Lockhart

    June Lockhart

    Ruth Martin (uncredited)

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    Alley Mills

    Alley Mills

    Norma Arnold (uncredited)

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    Barbara Billingsley

    Barbara Billingsley

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    • TRIVIA (2)

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Roseanne: Maybe if you would've stood up to Ward a few times, Beaver wouldn't have died in Vietnam.
        June Cleaver: That's just a story, Beaver's still alive.
        Roseanne: Well he ain't working.

      • Roseanne: One time, I found some old reefer in the basement.
        June Cleaver: Reefer?
        Roseanne: Ask Eddie Hascal...anyway I thought it belonged to David, he's the boy who sleeps with my daughter. But it turned out it was MY old pot!

      • Joanne Nash: Now, did you do an episode where your son breaks the window with a baseball, and your husband makes him go out and get a job to pay for it?
        Roseanne: No, we couldn't do that, the producers said it was too risky.

      • Roseanne: (to June Cleaver) I'm just as wholesome as you are. I ain't the one who named my kid Beaver!

      • June Cleaver: (after Roseanne whispers her salary to the sitcom moms) Oh, my God! Why I'd make out with a chick for that kind of dough!

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (9)

      • As the sitcom welcome wagon and Roseanne are leaving the set to hang out together, one of the moms mentions that she'll call the mom from The Partridge Family and have her pick them all up on her bus.

        Roseanne: Screw that we'll take my limo.
        sitcom mom: You have a limo?!?
        Roseanne: (drawing attention to her early pregnant belly) Yeah. Yeah, and look what my driver gave me.

        Roseanne is alluding to her recent marriage and pregnancy with third husband, Ben Thomas who was her bodyguard.

      • Roseanne: (recognizing sitcom mom, Norma Arnold) And, mom from the "Wonder Bread"/"Wonderbra" whatever!

        Roseanne is making an allusion to the 1980-90's television comedy/drama series, The Wonder Years, where actress Alley Mills played the mother, Norma Arnold. In doing so, she also alludes to "Wonder Bread" which holds a special place in American culture as the prototypical American-style white bread, and to the "Wonderbra", best known in the United States as a push-up brassiere style re-introduced in the U.S. market in the early 90's.

      • Norma Arnold: (regarding the rumors circulating about Roseanne) Elizabeth Montgomery's shocked, and she's a witch!

        Norma Arnold is making an allusion to the 1960's television sitcom, Bewitched, starring Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stevens, a witch married to a mortal.

      • Ruth Martin: On my show, the dog got all the good lines. I just translated. And then, they shot me off into outer space, and I had that annoying Dr. Smith and that damn robot!

        Actress June Lockhart as Ruth Martin, Timmy's mother on the 1950-60's television drama series, Lassie, is alluding to the 1960's science fiction TV series, Lost In Space, on which she played the mother role, again. Other characters on the program included Dr. Smith, an annoying stowaway, and The Robot, which had no given name.

      • Weezie Jefferson: (to Roseanne) We "moved on up" to get away from people like you!

        Weezie Jefferson is making an allusion to "Movin' On Up", the theme song from her television sitcom, The Jeffersons.

      • June Cleaver: You know, in my day, mothers did not have tattoos.
        Roseanne: Well, you obviously never saw Harriet Nelson naked!

        Roseanne is making an allusion to the live-action sitcom of the 1950's, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Harriet Nelson, as herself, played the wife of Ozzie Nelson, and mother to their two sons, David and Ricky. Although the series was popular, critics dismissed it as fostering a slightly unrealistic picture of post-World War II American life.

      • Roseanne: (to the sitcom moms) The important thing is on my show, I'm the boss... and "Father Knows Squat".

        Roseanne is making an allusion to the 1950's and 1960's radio and TV sitcom, Father Knows Best, which portrayed an idealized vision of middle-class American life of the era.

      • Joan Nash: (leaving to go have drinks with Roseanne and the other sitcom moms) I'll call that Partridge girl and she can pick us up in her bus.

        Joan Nash is making an allusion to the 1970's television sitcom, The Partridge Family, about a musical family, widow Shirley Partridge (actress Shirley Jones) and her five children, who tour the country in a colorful school bus.

      • In this episode's tag, when John Goodman is auditioning for the role of Dan on Roseanne, he flubs his lines saying "poor horse" instead of "poor house". In an attempt to recover, he calls out the name "Wilbur" in a neighing voice.

        John Goodman is making an allusion to the 1960's sitcom, Mister Ed, about Mr. Ed, an intelligent talking palomino horse and his owner, architect Wilbur Post (played by actor Alan Young).