Season 6 Episode 11

The Driver's Seat

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 1993 on ABC
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The Driver's Seat
Leon convinces Jackie and Nancy to open the restaurant for breakfast, causing Roseanne to fear he is planning to force her out. Roseanne's car is stolen -- by DJ, and her violent reaction frightens her that she may repeat the pattern of her own abuse as a child, while Dan blames her anger on work stress.moreless

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  • This was one of the best episodes of the series and to me one of the best with DJ and Roseanne. This episode also had the best ending sequence in my opinion.moreless

    This episode was so revealing, it isn't funny! First off we finally realize what kind of mental pain Roseanne has gone through about her father. I don't think they ever went into that much detail about it.

    I think this episode was very powerful on how it dealt with child beating. It truly showed that not only the child is hurt when they are beat. I also think that this was one of those Roseanne "very special" episodes where is manages to make you chuckle a little, in the most dramatic experiences. I didn't like confrontation between Leon & Dan, I thought it was in a little bad taste, & the fact that Leon kept going on about Dan could hurt him was getting a bit old. (The first joke was funny though.)

    My Favorite Line: Nancy: We also voted that the official bird was the toucan.

    Roseanne: Wanna See the Bird I voted for? (Showing The Middle Figure)

    I have to say this episode was one of Roseanne's Finest!moreless
  • One of my favorite episodes of all time.

    This episode is simply fantastic. It starts off seemingly pretty light-hearted and funny, but soon turns dead serious. There's a side-story going on with Leon trying to take over the resteraunt, but these parts of the episode are overshadowed by the other storyline; that is, when Roseanne and Dan find out that DJ stole their car and got it stuck in a ditch. While yelling at him, Roseanne loses her cool and when he tries to get away, starts spanking him. Dan blames this on her stress from work, but Jackie believes that it stems from the abuse that her and Roseanne got as kids, which turns out to be right.

    The best scene in the episode is the exchange between DJ and Roseanne in the kitchen when she apologizes to him. This is possibly the best exchange between Roseanne and DJ, with great acting by both of them. The lines are all really great in this scene, especially Roseanne's "The worst part was he never apologized to me after all that time. I don't want you to hate me, DJ", it's solid proof of how versatile the show is and how great the actors on this show were. Any fan of the show should try their best to see this episode on TV or pick up the newly released Season 6 DVD, it is a must see.moreless
  • The truth of Roseanne Conner's child abuse comes out.

    DJ steals his own parent's car and when he is found out, Roseanne reacts my punishing DJ with a spanking in front of Dan and Jackie.

    In a very intense few scenes later, the extent of how Roseanne's own abuse by her father becomes evidentally clear in probably her most tender moment with her young son on the show.

    Meanwhile, Roseanne thinks Leon is trying to plot to upstage her at the Diner by pitting Jackie and Nancy against her in decision making.

    Some hilarious moments entail including Nancy telling Roseanne the Diner's official bird is the Toucan and Roseanne retorts, "yeah well this is mine" and proceeds to show her, with her hand blocking her finger of course.

    Very well written show with it's serious overtones surrounded by clever, hilarious comedy moments.

John Goodman

John Goodman

Dan Conner

Laurie Metcalf

Laurie Metcalf

Jackie Harris

Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert

Darlene Conner Healy

Michael Fishman

Michael Fishman

David Jacob "D.J." Conner

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Conner

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Rebecca "Becky" Conner Healy

Joe Minjares

Joe Minjares

Cop #1

Guest Star

Benjamin Thomas

Benjamin Thomas

Cop #2

Guest Star

Alex Cole

Alex Cole

customer #1

Guest Star

Sandra Bernhard

Sandra Bernhard

Nancy Bartlett Thomas

Recurring Role

Martin Mull

Martin Mull

Leon Carp

Recurring Role

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    • D.J.: Todd dared me, so I took it. I was just going to go down to the end of the block and come back. But then I drove into the ditch and got stuck.
      Roseanne: So-so then you just came home and went to bed without even telling anybody?!
      D.J.: I forgot!

    • (After all the voting, Nancy's the only one clad in the new uniform voted for)
      Nancy: Well if I'm the only one wearing it, then it isn't a uniform. People are gonna just think I have really bad taste in clothes or something.

    • Nancy: We also voted that the restaurant's official bird should be the toucan.
      Roseanne: Would you like to see the bird I voted for? (makes a hand gesture implying the middle finger)

    • Roseanne: Basketball's on Tuesday.
      Dan: I thought it was on Thursday.
      Roseanne: D.J., what day is basketball?
      D.J.: Tuesday.
      Roseanne: Duuh.
      D.J.: But I don't play basketball, I quit last season.
      Dan: Duuh! Duur!

    • Roseanne: (about stealing the car) I think you're trying to tell me something with all of this, like maybe I'm not spending enough time with you.
      D.J.: That's not what I was thinking.
      Roseanne: Well I think it was, and I promise you D.J., I'm going to spend more time with you, I'm going to rearrange my whole schedule so I'm home more.
      D.J.: But you have to work.
      Roseanne: Well that's tough, because sometimes you have to trade what's important for what's even more important.

    • Roseanne: Oh slave boy!
      (D.J. enters the room)
      Leon: What's he doing here?
      Roseanne: 5 to 10, grand theft auto.
      Leon: He's a kid.
      Roseanne: I know, but he was tried as an adult. As his punishment, he's going to be helping out around the diner so's that I have more time to bug you.
      Leon: I thought you were going to see about spending more time at home.
      Roseanne: Yeah I was, but me and Dan talked about it and we thought you might like that.
      Leon: Roseanne, a child cannot work here!
      Roseanne: Too late, we took a vote while you were out.

    • Dan: Where's the car?
      Roseanne: Well let's see, I checked it with the valet.
      Dan: I'm serious, the car's not out there.
      Roseanne: That's impossible!
      Dan: Did you leave your keys in the car?
      Roseanne: Why would I do something stupid like that?
      Dan Your keys are not on the hook.
      Roseanne: Well it doesn't matter where my car keys are, because I left the Club in the car.
      Dan: Where'd you leave the keys to the Club?
      Roseanne: ......You didn't do the dishes!

    • Nancy: Well when I was talking to Leon the other day I came up with a great idea that the uniforms would make us stand out for the customers more.
      Roseanne: So why would we want to do that? Then they'd know who to go to to bring them more stuff!

    • Nancy: Hey, my breakfast idea brought in a whole new customer base.
      Roseanne: Yeah...they're all over 35 and they all want a 'sammich'!

    • DJ: I'm sorry that you got hit.
      Roseanne: I'm sorry that you got hit, too. Big Sorry, like now would be a great time to ask me for a new puppy kind of sorry.

    • Roseanne: I thought you might wanna spoil your dinner.
      DJ: No.
      Roseanne: Well, wouldya mind watchin' while I spoil mine?

    • (To Leon)
      Dan: Roseanne can be a little difficult. Oh hell, she idles at difficult.

    • Dan: Doin' the books?
      Leon: Yes, Dan, trying to make conversation?

    • Roseanne: I'm going to make sure that I have a lot of time to spend with you, DJ. I'm going to be here all the time.
      DJ: Is that my punishment?
      Roseanne: You are a funny, funny little man, DJ. Funny little man.

    • Jackie: Telling her she did nothing wrong isn't going to help her.
      Dan: Oh but calling her a child beater will?

    • Jackie: She was out of control, just like Dad.
      Dan: This has nothing to do with your dad.
      Jackie: This has everything to do with him. These patterns repeat themselves!
      Dan: Then you better look out, cuz my dad loved to hit his sister-in-law.

    • Roseanne: I know how you're feeling. I know you're feeling mad, and kind of embarassed, and..
      DJ: Wrong!
      Roseanne: Well, that's the way I used to feel when I got hit.
      DJ: Who hit you?
      Roseanne: Your granddad.
      DJ: What did you do wrong?
      Roseanne: I don't know, maybe I breathed or something. But I hated him for it. The worse thing was that he never said he was sorry for it. But...I don't want you hating ME, DJ.

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