Season 8 Episode 7

The Getaway, Almost

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

Roseanne and Jackie are heading out for the day on a marathon shopping trip to pick up a number of items for their houses.

The shopping trip itself is rather uneventful. Jackie is coming out of her depression and jokes about dying her dark hair blond.

On the home front, Mark complains about a fight he had with Becky and Dan gives him some advice he thinks is good.

As it grows dark, Roseanne and Jackie head home and on the way, they pick up a hitchhiker...a teenage girl who's part of an upstart band. Jackie, being a former cop, frisks her to make sure she's safe, then invites her on board. The three of them talk about old music, then the girl ask them to drop her off in a place that's out of their way, which annoys Jackie slightly, since she's driving.

They drop her off, then the two sisters continue to talk about popular music of the sixties and seventies. Jackie wistfully remembers Janis Ian's song *At Seventeen* and it brings back memories of Jackie's own painful, acne-ridden teens. Roseanne teases her and tells her *It's Janis Joplin, you idiot.*

They talk about how male-dominated rock music used to be and how many male singers used the music industry to bash women and how pioneers like Janis and Pat Benatar changed things to open the way for women in music.

That's about when Roseanne notices the sexist sticker on the back of a truck near them...*Save the Whales; Harpoon a Fat Chick.* This infuriates Roseanne and she tells Jackie to pull closer, which Jackie does. Jackie also sees the sticker and takes offense too, so she's the first to yell a colorful swearword at the driver, who's a crude-talking male.

Soon the obscenities are flying with the truck driver making more sexist remarks and Jackie and Roseanne cursing out the truck driver big-time.

Jackie manages to keep her eyes on the road all this time, but the truck driver doesn't and hits a utility pole.

By then, Jackie and Roseanne are ahead of the truck driver. Jackie suddenly gets scared and fears that the truck driver may be hurt and begins to panic and feel guilty. She wants to stop and make sure he's okay, but Roseanne won't hear of it and tells her *This is not the time to get a date with a truck driver.*

Jackie persuades Roseanne to stop at the next gas station and call a tow truck to check out the scene and make sure the truck driver's not injured. Jackie's still feeling guilty and fearful and is shaking when she gets back into the car.

A cop car stops by them, which sends Jackie into a greater panic. Two officers ask them a few questions about the truck incident, which Roseanne answers calmly, but leaves out the curse-out verbal exchange. To Jackie's relief, the cop tells them that no one was hurt, but warns them to be careful in the future.

Roseanne is by then breastfeeding little Jerry and displays it to the male cop, who shrinks away. Jackie, feeling less frightened now, reassures them that they'll be careful, especially since she's "worn the steel shield" herself. The cops leave, convinced.

The episode ends with Dan fixing a big hot dog for himself with the trimmings and a beer and singing to himself the old jingle from the Armor hot dog commercial as he sits down. Roseanne comes back then, still fired up from the verbal exchange with the truck driver.

Dan, still pleased about the advice he gave Mark, tells Roseanne about it, obviously delighted with how he told Mark how to "handle" Becky.

Roseanne is appalled at Dan's phrasing of things and informs Dan that Becky is a person, not a car or an appliance and doesn't need "handling," then proceeds to eat Dan's hot dog as she tells him about the truck driver and that the world is still in need of much change.

Dan knows he'll have to make himself another hot dog, so he goes back into the kitchen singing about that he "...HAD a hot dog..."