Season 9 Episode 19

The Miracle

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 1997 on ABC

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  • The absolute best episode of the ninth season. It is so touching, i got a tear to come out.

    This episode was was so well-written, that it even made me spark a couple tears. The ONLY episode that i thought was better in the whole series was "Lobocop" in season 2 which was when Roseanne and Dan's romance suffers. But that episode was not much better than this episode. This episode was so well-written and well-played that even my mom even sparked a tear, and she is kind of hard to get to cry. Just the way the actors acted and the way the writers wrote it just made it a very very very very very... good episode. You have GOT to watch it, but to really get this one you would have to watch the episode right before it, "A Second Chance." So i advise you watch that one first though.
  • shows the true love between david and darlene.

    shows the true love between david and darlene.

    i loved this episode the miracle.The miracle i thought was a great title.I thought this was the best episode out of this season.I think everyone can agree that the 9th season had some very very very bad episodes.but there was some good episodes too.i think the 2 saddest parts are when dan and david talk in the hallway and when darlene, roseanne, jackie, becky,and bev are holding the baby and telling it to please not die and then darlene starts crying.i also love the moments between david and darlene. This was such a great episode!One of the best in roseanne history!
  • Well done episode. Definitely pulls at the heart strings.

    One of my favorite episodes. Yes roseanne is a little loopy with all of her alternative medicine, and she sounds flaky when she's explaining it, but hey she's right. Sometimes all you need is a little love and human contact. This was definitely one of the most touching episodes, and it was so sweet to see everyone huddling around the baby and caring for it. I loved them all talking to it and telling the baby how strong she is. I especially loved Jackie's speech. That was sweet. this entire episode was just definitely worth watching. I think everyone should see this episode. A must see for everyone.
  • Perfect example that love contours all. Very touching episode.

    i love this episode. I love that the Conners realize that money cannot buy everything that their is always a time in life where you have to put your heart on the line and trust in God and the people around you. In the Conners realizing this their family becomes more closer and realizes that family is all they have in the end. I love the ending when the baby does survive. Great Great Great!!!
  • Touching episode that has Darlene in the hospital giving birth to a baby that is 2 months early.

    When Darlene is rushed to the hospital at the end of the previous episode, we find out that she is having contractions, and they are trying different drugs on her to try and stop them. They all seem to work for a few hours, but then they quit and she begins having them again.

    The entire family is scared because there is a good chance that the baby will die since it is too premature. The birth goes okay, but the baby is hooked up to machines that are helping it breathe, and survive.

    Lots of great acting in this episode, this is the most down-to-earth you will ever see Darlene, and the scene between Dan and David is very powerful, and had my eyes watering (not a common thing with sitcoms, this is the only episode besides Crime and Punishment that moved me so much.)

    There's not a lot of laughs in this one, but the Conners are able to keep their sense of humor throughout most of the bad times. This is probably the best episode in the last season.
  • darlene gives birth to her baby early. there isn't much hope of survival. against all odds, harris survives.

    this was one of the best episodes of the season. it was also one of the most emotional. darlene and david became better people. everybody learned the lessons of life. i have never seen david so strong before, or darlene so nice. she cared about nothing more than the baby. I never imagined she had that sweet side. the most emotional part of the episode was when Harris was opening her eyes. i only wish they had more episodes with harris before the season ended. this was a great episode for a great show.
  • Michael Des Barres, who played one of the specialists, also played one of Leon's first boyfriends. The one who has to move out every time Leon's mother comes to visit.

    Michael Des Barres, who played one of the specialists, also played one of Leon's first boyfriends. The one who has to move out every time Leon's mother comes to visit.

    He was the very first boyfriend that we knew about, before Leon was "outed". I beleive he was the one who took all of the Judy Garland albums.
  • sad but excellant episode

    This is my #1 fave episode of Roseanne. All the actors did a great job. Miracle was a great title for it too. This episode shows that even a comedy sitcom can have a serious episode once in a while and still make it work. I remember the first time I saw this episode and it seemed so real that it made me cry.
  • shows the real love between darlene and david

    Its a very sad episode, yet a happy one at the end. It shows how strong david could be and how weak he could be. It also showed how weak darlene could be. It showed how much david loves her and how much he doesn't want to see her hurting. In the scene where harris is already born and darlene is blaming herself for harris's prematurity, David stands tall and tells darlene its not her fault and that everything will be okay. This is one of my personal favorites also because it shows tht darlene does have feelings and really wants this baby more that anything. Plus harris is the cutest little thing at the end where she begins to open her eyes.
  • Sad but good episode. The scene between David and Dan had me in tears too.

    After a season that started off badly, it finally got back on track with this episode. The best parts were when David broke down emotionally over the thought of losing his little girl and Dan stepped in as a father figure to pull him through it and when the tough and sarcastic Darlene showed that she had a tender side after all.